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Friday, December 9, 2011


Hello people, it has been a memorable journey since we started iBlog4aCause.Com and for that we thank all you wonderful people who have joined us in our mission to make a difference to the society. We are on an expansion spree and in the next few days we are planning to introduce many new things here. We are very glad to inform you that iBlog4aCause will donate $2 (~ INR 100) per post that you voluntarily post on your blogs or websites about the iBlog4aCause.Com. Yes, you read it correctly - You Blog, We Donate !!

In your blog-post you can write anything about the iBlog4aCause. You may invite people to join the iBlog4aCause websiteFacebook page or Twitter ( @iblog4acause ). You may copy the content for your posts from the or you may write your own. Each one of you who wants to do a blog-post on his/her own website/blog must not forget to put a comment against this post with the direct link of your blog-post or on the wall of our Facebook page. Each post will be counted as a $2 (~INR 100) contribution from your side towards helping a needy. The money raised depending upon the number of blog-posts will then be used for a social cause and iBlog4aCause will publish the details of the event in subsequent blog posts on the website here.

One more very important thing is- you can do multiple blog-posts but there should be only single blog-post per blog or website. For example- you have 2 blogs: and, you can only do a single post on each of the two blogs i.e. 1 post on and 1 post on, but you cannot do 2 posts on, in that case it will be counted as single entry only. Also, we expect at least two links toiBlog4aCause.Com and iBlog4aCause's Facebook page in the single blog-post.

iBlog4aCause will publish the details of the total blog posts submitted by the volunteers and the details of the equivalent amount of money raised. iBlog4aCause will also crown 3 "Big Hearted iBlog4aCause Heroes" who will help raise the maximum money with their maximum number of blog-posts. All three  "Big Hearted iBlog4aCause Heroes" will be featured on theiBlog4aCause.Com and iBlog4aCause Facebook page.

We hope you will participate in this lionhearted movement with utmost zealot.

So, use the power of your words to make a difference to the society today !!

Let us get the ball rolling . . . .

Vivek Nanda - Founder iBlog4aCause