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Saturday, March 6, 2010


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I felt the pain in my head, a very severe headache. I tried to open my eyes, but there was a bright light coming straight into my eyes. It was all blurred. Before I could even visualize anything clearly, I got hit by a bamboo cane, and then there was another blow. I shouted in pain but the assault didn't stop, I got thrashed again and again. Sometimes, I could feel more than one blow at a time. Yes, I realized they were all after me. I shouted but it didn't stop instead it followed with the big black leather boots coming from all directions, hitting me hard everywhere on my body where ever they could find space. I could feel the throttle in my breath as I tried to hide my face against the earth. The mud was all over me, I could feel the heat both from the surface of the earth and from every single portion of my body. I could feel my whole body totally wet, but it was hard to distinguish between the blood and the sweat.

Suddenly, I heard a bold manly voice abusing me. The blurry image started becoming clearer and I could still not hear anything properly, but finally I could see one of them. He was dressed in a red and white bright colored military uniform, a white leather belt around his waist, a row of lustrous medallions starting from both ends of his chest towards the center, a black colored hat on his head, and the shoulder batches shinning in the bright sun with 'East India Company' embedded over them. He was white, tall with broad athletic body like a gigantic hulk. There were two others with him similarly dressed but of lower rung with lesser medallions on their uniforms. They were all at me, hitting me, abusing me and simultaneously repeating one thing- "You bloody farmer, how dare you don't pay us the tax!!"

I could barely move my body to run away from them. I had already lost all my energy to react or to say anything, only my eyes were witnessing the assault on my half numb body. Suddenly, I heard the outbreak of few distant voices approaching towards us with the slogan of-"East India Company, Murdabad, Murdabad; Hindustan Zindabad, Hindustan Zindabad !!". The assault came to the halt. The voices became even louder, though I could hardly see with my injured eyes yet it was evident that it was a group of 5-6 people. My eyes started shutting down, I could hardly see whats happening, but I can hear the huge cries. I could feel while lying on the ground that both the groups were fighting with each other. Abruptly, I heard gun shots, one after the other, six in a row. I could hear those last cries and then there was a complete moment of mourn.

I tried to open my eyes and saw a pistol heading towards me. I got scared and I started saying my prayers. The pistol was placed at the center of my forehead and I heard an English voice- "Kill him!!". I could feel the sound of the pistol's trigger in its process of being pressed, but suddenly I heard a voice and felt being shaken by someone. I said- What? She replied-"Why cannot you sleep nice and quiet? Its too late, we have to go office tomorrow". I realized it was a dream but felt nice that my wife saved my life. I smiled, kissed my wife and slept again.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Somebody said- "Life comes in parts and parcels"; yes, it certainly does. Everyday cannot be the same, everyday cannot be our day and everyday we cannot be happy. It happens with all of us, we all live a life, which is a never ending vicious circle consisting of happiness and of sadness one after the other, but the catch is- it's uncontrollable!!

What we want may not happen at the time when we want it the most, what we wish may not fulfill at the time when we want it to come true, and there might be complete uninvited devastation happen in our life at the time when everything is fine, but shall we become angry to life on this and start living life in depression? When we are in a negative frame of mind it feels like a doomsday, it feels if the world has reached to apocalypse. We almost visualize the Armageddon in which the evil has defeated all the good things of our lives. Our heart fills with sorrowful thoughts with no hope of happiness coming back to life. This is the real time, which draws the bifurcation between a warrior and a chickenhearted. I don't say that all those who try to fightback but not succeed are chickenhearted but it's the others who lose the courage and the hope to fightback, and accepts to live with what is happening. The fire to fightback is important to be what we want to be but it is easier said then done. Even the most powerful of soul fumbles in its road to coming back to life. Yet, the one who ignores the pain, the failure and the agony, makes an impact. 

IGNORANCE, yes that is what we need to show the monstrous things happening in our lives and we need to keep telling ourselves that- "It might have stopped everything in my life at this very moment of time, but I m going to plan and live the life the way I want it". Just remember when your parents at home and teachers at class used to say-"Pay Attention To Me", and you just wanted to ignore that thing, this is your time where you have to follow that very childish feeling, the big royal ignore to all the wrong things happening in life. Persist with what you want in your life, insist yourself to keep trying again and again, and assist your soul to your utmost important goal of life.

Slowly and steadily you will scale the new heights on the mountain of difficulties and soon you will realize that you are back in the plains again. Yes, you have crossed all the difficulties and the train of your life is back on the right track heading towards the correct destination of life, and this is when its coming back to life......