The Very Special People


Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hello Everyone, I’m the 100th post on this blog :-), finally it’s a century!!
It’s been a magnificent journey. My family (the blog) was started in November 2007 and till the end of year 2008, it was kind of a new rare breed( with only few posts on it), but fortunately enough after that my creator (the author- me:) became regular and as a result today I’m here, the 100th post!!!

What has been so amazing is the fact that there have been nearly 16500+ people all across the world that landed here to meet (read) my ancestors (the previous 99 posts on the blog) since the time my family (the blog) was started. The camaraderie between my ancestors and the people, who came to meet them, has flourished leaps and bounds as a result my family’s historical heritage consists of hundreds of comments and views from so many different people all around the globe. Few of them, in fact became the part of my family and today there are 23 wonderful people (the followers of this blog) who are part of it. My family would not have reached to what we are today, each generation after the other (the posts on the blog) was the result of your (the readers) constant support and encouragement, I thank you all for it.

Today on my birthday (the day 100th post is written i.e. today), I dream of seeing my many more generations (more posts) to come and I’m sure you (the readers) all will be there to make my dream come true. Ok, now let’s change the topic, I’m getting really emotional. Let us have a real bash now, look what I have got- a birthday cake. It’s celebration time and please don’t forget to have my birthday cake.