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Friday, October 5, 2012


Google has confirmed to Search Engine Land that on Thursday, September 27th, they released a Panda algorithm update. People who are into Search Engine stuff will quickly know that Panda is Google's Search Engine algorithm. This is Google's 20th Panda update and that is the reason it has been called Panda 20. As per the search engine specialists Panda 20 is a major update that impacts 2.4% of English search queries on the Google Search Engine. The exact impact and the type of queries or websites impacted are yet to monitored. Let's see what it brings up in few days.

Panda updates are mostly run by Google to better the quality of its search results. Only a couple of days before rolling the Panda 20, Google dropped the "Low Quality" exact match domains from search results. What it means is- earlier if people would search "let's go and buy bananas", the domain names similar to that of the search query would appear in the top results despite their content quality. For instance in this ("let's go and buy bananas") example: "" appeared in top results. So, you see basically those domains were tricking you on to their sites on the basis of your search queries by first fooling the Google Search Engine and then of course you. Google confirmed that new exact-match domain (EMD) algorithm affected 0.6% of English-US queries to a noticeable degree and was unrelated to Panda update.

Another important update on the Google Search Engine is- nowadays you will be noticing Google showing 7 (organic) search results on the first page for many searches, instead of the usual 10. So, where are those 3 more search results? Well, instead of those 3 search results, Google is showing sponsored or ads related to keywords links. For example, search for "making money" which will show you just 7 (organic) search results and 3 sponsored ads related links on the first page of the Google Search Engine. If you do the match it's equal to approximately 30% reduction of organics search results. So again, what does it really means?

Many will feel that- Google is chipping away at organic search results to drive buyers to paid listings, and soon, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will become irrelevant, but the reality is showing 10 to 7 organic responses on the home page isn't exactly eating up the organic results. 

Let dig deep- Google still shows the paid searches very distinguishably such as in the form of "ads related to the keyword"(highlighted in a different color), rest all the response (in this case 7 of them) are still organic. People are smart enough or let me say Google is letting people know what are paid results and what are organic results. Till the time Google doesn't confuses a user between the paid vs the organic searches it's fair and square. A Search Engine survey showed that most people ignore ads once they understand the meaning of it...all they look for is organic responses!! Hence, having 7 results out of 10 on the first page isn't that bad when u know now that on the next page u have the next best organic responses.

From a Search Engine Optimization companies' perspective showing 7 organic results is a really dull move by Google. Let's say if you are trying to rank for a certain keyword on the search engine, there are now 30% less chances of landing on the first page, and as per the current trends we know that users rarely click through to page 2 or 3. Hence, the only other way to land on the first page will be is to buy an ad.

Having said that if Google tends to focus more on paid ads and less on organic searches, we will soon monitor the shift in users' behavior, which could be in the form of improvement of click through to page 2 from 1....Things are evolving, and these changes may put businesses in an iffy-giffy frame of mind for at least the limited period of time till the users understand the meaning of what has been brought by the search engine on their screens. Still, the bottom line is- Google or for that matter any search engine company have to align itself to the customer behavior than vice-versa. Hence, it will be wise to have your content or SEO strategy more aligned towards the user behavior than the Search Engine Algorithmic changes, yes there will be always slight alterations, but nothing can stop a business if it has unique original content along with high traffic on the website.  

Tuesday, October 2, 2012



A great question, if you are consumer or a business partner this is exactly what you are going to ask when you see another company's event- What's all that buzz about ? Things have changed in these past years, and if you haven't made enough noise about it, the chances are you will fail in your goal of getting the maximum consumer and business attention of the world. Yes, in short you want people to ask this question.You want to evoke this curiosity about the event you are hosting or the product launch you are going to do. Why would you want this- the answer is simple you want more customers, you want more businesses to interact with you and you want that golden opportunity to convert those conversations into the sales. Until you get the platform where you have the attention, you wont be able to make an impact, hence no sale, no money !


The world is changing, we are truly into the era of information and social media age. Companies are no longer just focusing on non-digital marketing and advertising, and even if there are any, they sure are struggling to drive their businesses. Eventually, the most profound impact of both digital and non-digital marketing is: corporate events are getting bigger and better ! I'm going to take Software and Technology sector for a reference, many large tech firms are tightening their belts. Not much of a surprise that San Francisco is the hub of all the tech events and conferences every single day. Inc., for example,  recently held the Dreamforce conference week. The event was attended by almost 70,000 people. Microsoft took a unique approach of its own and set the Guinness World Record for the Globe's largest ever app development marathon.A total of 2,567 developers participated in the marathon. VMware attracted almost 21,000 people to VMworld—a conference that attempts to set the annual agenda for users trying to modernize their computer rooms. Oracle's years ago milestone event OpenWorld is a big hit. It's considered the No. 1 gathering for a Tech conference in San Francisco, despite all its participants pay an admission fee around $2,395 while Dreamforce was a free session. This year Oracle expects 50,000 people at the event and over 100,000 watching the event online through various digital and social media channels. It's quiet evident that corporate events are getting massive than ever before.   


One of the problem that succumbs a big organization is when it stops thinking like a start-up. Yes, you will notice a lot of big firms getting into a status quo mode, and starts rejecting few basic business strategies just because they seem start-up like. Let's dig it deep. For example, I'm a big tech firm with a global workforce of over 100,000 with 1000+ offices across all the continents of the world. I hold a big tech event such as Inc.'s Dreamforce every year. I setup a team for the event, I allocate a big hefty sum for it and I do ample of marketing in order to gain the lime light. Mind you, a start-up firm will struggle in almost all three things mentioned, the reason is simple they do not have the resources, they have limited budgets and they can't spend too much on marketing. In short, if you are a big company you have a big advantage, but big companies miss a big trick, even though a basic one, that is "Employee Engagement".

Just Imagine if you are a start-up what will be your first step if you are planning for a big tech conference. You will seek out to your co-workers, isn't it? Common sense! Yes, you get together, you distribute tasks and responsibilities, and together you plan your online marketing and social media activities for the big event. Next, you will see everyone in the start-up company talking about the event online- blogs, social media, guest posts etc. This is where big companies make big blunders, they market and advertise about the event a lot to the outside world but keep on forgetting their huge workforce. Big companies have to spread the awareness about its big events not just to the outside world but also to its employees. They should first create a positive environment and buzz about the event within the organization and then to the outside world. Make it a big thing inside your company campuses, get every employee interested in it and what this event can bring to the company. Almost, each and every employee in the company uses one or more social media channel, just imagine if you can get your employees talking about your event online. For no cost, you will create a massive social media buzz about the event that you are soon going to host.


One of the biggest advantages of big companies is their big workforce. Employees take pride in spreading the good word about the company they are working for, and if as an employer you can engage them in company events, you can very easily motivate them to promote the company events online. Another advantage of big companies spread across vast geographies is that they can together create a lot of buzz across the world at the same time. Engage employees in various contests and activities in your remote offices spread across other nations and continents. Invite employees to the big events who can cover the event online even before the actual event starts. Take employees who either run web-logs or photo-blogs for the events. Motivate employees to talk about their experiences at the event with fellow co-workers, this will motivate other employees to be part of it, a win win situation for both the employer and the employee.

In the end, you have to realize that company's employees are the people who are actually building the products or the services and they are the one who can best understand the customer problems or expectations. Company events will give employees the opportunity if not direct customer interaction but at least understand what customer needs are and what are customers reaction to the new products. In the end, as a big company you will end up not only saving some good money that you would have spent on marketing and advertising of the event, but also seeing a content, happy and satisfied workforce where people want to work for you. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012


It has been more than 10 years since I left Sainik School Kunjpura, Karnal, but having spent the most memorable moments of my life there, nothing has faded away in my mind till now.....Amazing, life transforming experience !

For the people who don't know what are Sainik Schools please read the next para, others simply skip it.

Sainik School Kunjpura


The Sainik Schools are a group of schools in India established by the Sainik School Society, and conceived in 1961 by the then Defense Minister of India, to rectify the regional and class imbalance amongst the Officer cadre of the Indian Army, and to prepare students for entry into the National Defense Academy (NDA), Khadakwasla, Pune and Indian Navy Academy. Today there are over 24 such schools covering all the states of the country.The schools come under the purview of respective state governments and Ministry Of Defense India. The admissions start from the 6th Grade.


I must admit, one thing that I really value is technology. The era of internet and information has blessed us with the advent of some really amazing internet technologies such as Social Media. I confess, without the social media I would not have been in touch with so many of my school mates at Sainik School Kunjpura, and this is not just limited to it in fact not with any of my old friends or teachers. What a bliss !

Sainik School


You will know that "Old Boys" is a famous jargon, if you have studied at Sainik School Kunjpura."Old Boys" refers to the "Alumni" of the school. Every year Sainik School Kunjpura organizes the "Old Boys Meet", giving the opportunity to the alumni to revisit the school and meet their old friends and teachers. An amazing event, an extravaganza and a massive carnival over the weekend. A perfect networking event !


Though most of the students of Sainik School Kunjpura join Indian defense forces, there are many who join non-defense professions, like me, such as engineering, public sector services, advertising, politics etc. Undoubtedly, each and every alumnus from Sainik School Kunjpura is doing well in whichever profession he is in. Still nothing beats helping each other professionally. Keeping that in mind, I thought it would be great idea to create a linkedin group for alumni of Sainik School Kunjpura. I feel it's now the time to take the brotherhood forward. Let's come together and help each other in our professions in whichever way whenever possible by being in contact on this linkedin group called "KUNJEANS". Join this group and invite other proud Kunjeans ! So all old boys let's connect....

Just for reference, I'm roll no. 3982 :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012


If you want to shock yourself then listen to this video with your headphones. Those beats will just blow you away !! For the record, I've not created the music and I really don't know who did, but I've created the video......

Anyway, listen and enjoy . . . .

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Limitless desires beseech

Unmatchable passions collide

Sound of squish-squashing breathe

Tightly held bodies amalgamating into one soul......

PS. This is my attempt at writing an acrostic poem where the first letter of each line spells a word, usually using the same words as in the title. You can check my other acrostic poems here- YEARN, WAIT, FORGIVENESS and DESIRE.

Do you like it?

Saturday, August 11, 2012


15th August is almost here, but that feeling of rejoice and proud is already peaking....Yes, the Indian Independence day is on 15th August, but the celebrations have already started and it will continue whole this week......AAAahhhhh what a feeling !!

I feel like flying or may be sing a song ...or just hang around....ohh...I ain't's just the euphoria of Independence Day......PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN :)

Here is an amazing video created by a friend of mine and it's worth sharing, so here it is:

Friday, July 27, 2012


I just created this video a little while ago, tell me if you like it  :-)

So, presenting to you...... City Hyderabad, India !!

Monday, July 23, 2012


Hello People, if you are reading or following my blog for a while you may not have any doubt that I love to do experiments and try various stuffs. By now you may have also known that I'm running a website called, which is about the city where I'm living: Hyderabad, India. Whether you are a tourist or an expat or may be someone who is living in Hyderabad for several years, CITYHYD is Hyderabad's top online city guide and recommendation website, in a nutshell, if you are looking to explore Hyderabad and finding out the best of what it offers, I bet you will find it on CITYHYD !!

Other than the website, I'm also running the Facebook Page and Twitter social media accounts for City Hyderabad a.k.a CITYHYD. I happen to bump into Facebook Timeline Movie Maker, which created an amazing movie out of your Facebook Timeline. I tried and created this movie for the City Hyderabad Facebook Timeline. I really liked the Facebook Timeline Movie Maker, but I guess the biggest downfall of this wonderful application is that you cannot download or embed or share the movie that it created....what a d-bag !!

In any case, I did a recording using another software and created a youtube video. So, finally here it is:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Have you ever thought that these days you are uploading your pictures on so many websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. What if you want to manage all your pictures at just one place? What if you want to create a new customized photo album just by selecting different pictures from all your different websites? What if you want to share your customized album with your friends on social media? So, many questions and there is one answer to it......Yes, I'm serious.... Go and create your account on PICTARINE !! Find out more about Pictarine here - TECHZIK: WHY PICTARINE IS AN ULTIMATE SOCIAL PHOTOS PLATFOR...:

I bet you will like it !!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Birthdays are fun, aren't they? I just celebrated mine and as I went through the emotions of blessings and greetings I did a small social media experiment in order to utilize the occasion....Aaaahh I bet, you know the social media enthusiast in 

If you are a Social Media enthusiast or a Marketing/Web Analytic person, you would find this post interesting:


Monday, June 25, 2012


Gangs of Wasseypur, a lot has been said about the movie…from the bold dialogues to the Cannes Film Festival standing ovation,so it will be almost unjustifiable to bring a genuine after film review. Nevertheless, without any disappointment here you go-

The subject of the film is obviously not something new, rather it is the old wine sold in a new bottle, of course with perfection. What really captures everyone’s interest is the title itself – Gangs of Wasseypur !! To start with the title of the movie is really catchy, considering it raises everyone’s curiosity levels about the place called- Wasseypur now Dhanbad.

Read the complete review at the below link:


Saturday, June 16, 2012


This blog is my first ever and I started a few years back...this very own space of mine..I came back here...when I was happy, when I was sad...sometimes when I was confused...and sometimes when I found something new !!

This is my very own space, where I set my heart free....ignorant of the stereotypes..leaving behind the dogmas...the real me...probably more real than what people think of flowing...truthful thoughts...I don't have to make an effort to express's like the water....water has to flow and it will...and it will find its will my words...

I'm not too sure what I want to write today, I really didn't think before I started...but I guess I knew one thing...that I want to share something....Life - a big word, we all are so involved in what we are doing...sometimes fact most of the times, we could only see what's happening around us.....our success...our failures....our problems...our solutions....that's it !!

I wish I could see beyond my life, feel the love and pain of others....draw and give support.....but am I that strong? Difficult question, considering it is so hard to face just my own problems and would I ever be able to feel for all....yeah I might have said it that I could feel your pain...but I'm sure it's not the same when it isn't my own pain.........when something happened to me........

It's a strange world....people who are so close...I don't know why...they do not want to be close...and people who are so far...they seem to be so close....conundrum !! Blue sky....white clouds...I love sky black clouds...still I love it......then why I love the rains more than the summers......ufff !!

I don't know what I'm saying...but I could feel I'm just sitting in a train...which is passing through all these situations...all these pictures....flashing in front of my eyes....And as it happens............... I just typing  them...right ! I'm acting stupid, but haven't I said- I just want to let it freeeee......everything ..whatever I feeeel.....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


TECHZIK: CITY HYDERABAD A.K.A. CITYHYD.INFO: CITYHYD is Hyderabad's most reliable online city guide. CITYHYD is Hyderabad’s first and only city guide that impartially lists the best...

Sunday, May 20, 2012


This is interesting, Chelsea fans in  Hyderabad, India, are throwing big parties post Chelsea's win in the Champions League. No money for guessing, the dress code is "Sea Blue Jerseys" :)

Check out the link:

Thursday, May 17, 2012


You may know that few days back I created a City Guide website for Hyderabad- CITYHYD.INFO

I recently introduced couple of new features on CITYHYD.INFO: Classified and Jobs under the “Ponder” section of the website. Being a city guide website we also wanted to give some utility space to our users, hence we decided to come up with these two new sections.

Classified section is primarily focused on advertisements, you can get your ads posted under any of the following categories:




Real Estate




Jobs section is focused on current openings in your company, you can get your job advertisement posted under any of these categories:





Engineering & Research and Development


Human Resource and Admin

IT and Software

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

Production and Manufacturing

Sales and Retail

At the moment you can place your advertisement under both Classified and Jobs sections without any cost i.e. absolutely free !!

In order to send your postings, you can either email us directly at or visit our ContactUs page and send an email from there.

So, what are you waiting for? Send us your details and we will post it on CITYHYD.INFO

PS. Being a City Hyderabad website, the postings should be relevant to Hyderabad only :~)

PPS. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome, we are still finding our feet ;~)

Saturday, May 12, 2012


I've been living in Hyderabad since my first job in the year 2006, and no doubt I fell in love with this amazing city from day 1. There is something really special about the Hyderabad, it is not like other metropolitan cities in India, but has its own aura.The people, the culture and the food of Hyderabad makes it stand out among all the Indian cities. Simply Mesmerizing !!

All these years while I've been staying in Hyderabad, I've seen the city grow by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, when a city grows there are few infrastructural problems such as traffic etc. as well. Despite the growing traffic, Hyderabad is still far better than Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore. Intermingled into the Nizaami thaath (aka style) and the telugu style, Hyderabad offers variety of stuffs, be it foods, clothing, languages, in short Hyderabad is a mix of a lot together. A true example of multicultural and diverse India, Hyderabad truly rocks.

Personally and professionally, I've achieved a lot in the city of Nizaams, and I bet, you will just love every single day you spend in this extraordinary city. One day, I just realized that Hyderabad has given so much to me, I should also do something for it. Hence, here it is- CITYHYD.INFO !!

I decided to create a website for Hyderabad city- CITYHYD.INFO. CITYHYD.INFO is Hyderabad’s 1st and only city guide that impartially lists the best of the shops, restaurants, art galleries, museums, eat-outs, pubs, night clubs, resorts, places of interest, and many other relevant categories (50+ categories), which will not only make your stay at ease in the city of Nizaams, but also blissful. CITYHYD.INFO presents the best of what Hyderabad offers.

In short, if you are in Hyderabad, I bet, we have the best in class of what you are looking for on CITYHYD.INFO !!

I want you to check the website and share your feedback, I'm really excited about the CITYHYD.INFO :)

Also, you can also follow CITYHYD.INFO on Facebook and Twitter.

Hope you like it, Cheers ;)

PS. We will talk about CITYHYD.INFO and its special features in some other post, but before that you can always explore all by yourself on the website.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Only a couple of nights ago, I was checking my web albums and getting distort while managing all my photos on various platforms and social media channels separately and independently. I murmured in disgust- why can't we have all my pictures and web albums at one place? The very next day, I bumped into a web post about Pictarine. After reading about Pictarine, I told myself that this web app is certainly worth trying, and guess what I'm ecstatic about my Pictarine experience, Simply Fantastic !!

Check out the link for reading more about it-


Monday, April 16, 2012


These days there is much hype about one of the perils of the startup business – clones !! These clone companies are spying the popular web platforms, analyze them till the core, design a ditto skeletal, develop them, find a new market for such a service and then launch a clone company in the new identified market. 

Read the complete debate on my tech website-


Saturday, April 14, 2012



I think everyone should check this out, instead of making excuses for not able to do anything for any cause or for helping someone, this is the answer. Find out how using the internet and social media you can do your bit to change the world.

Saturday, March 31, 2012


In the second half of year 2005, Google acquired Android, a small startup company based in Palo Alto, California (CA). Android has a vast community of developers writing applications a.k.a “apps” that extend the functionality of the devices. There are currently over 500,000 apps available for Android. Android Market is the online app store, currently, run by Google, though apps can also be downloaded from various third-party sites. Developers write primarily in the Java language, controlling the device via Google-Java libraries.

The Android application store’s growth rate has been accelerating since its launch, and even though it was anticipated that Android Market will at some point in the mid of 2011 offer more applications for download and/or purchase than Apple’s iTune Store hasn’t happened yet. Apple’s iPhone Apps still rule the smartphone applications roaster. An app store analytics company, Distimo, forecasted that Android would surpass the App Store in size before the end of July 2011 along with another research firm, Germany-based, research2guidance. In reality, the forecasts have gone wrong and there is still a close contest going between the Apple’s iPhone/iPad apps and Android apps.

Apple has really taken the market like a storm in last couple of years with frequent launches of its various innovative products with amazing features, of course, the latest iPad/iPhone versions rule the charts. On the other hand, Android market is also galloping like a warrior’s best horse especially in the developing nation markets with many mobile companies moving to Android operating system. Samsung’s Android mobile phones, of course, are giving tough competition to Apple’s iPhones/iPads in countries in Asia Pacific such as India.

On the contrary, the success of an Android/iPhone app stores is negatively correlated to the success of a developer rather than anyone else’s. All data from an app store including both the Android App Market and the Iphone App Markets shows that the download figures decrease drastically post the first months or even weeks after the launch of the app. And the reality is the long tail is getting longer while the top 10% gets richer!!

The latest buzz in the Android market is- Google is taking some great strides forward to get the better of the competition and recently launched Google “Play”. Now using “Google Play”, you can listen to your favorite music, read your favorite books, watch your most enjoyable movies, play astonishing apps, and games all in one place that are accessible from the Web and any Android device. In Google’s own words- “Discover, buy and share like never before”. I think it’s a great move by Google, I strongly believe it will be highly beneficial to the Android App market. For the developers and companies that publish Android Apps on the Android app store, there will be all new App Stats. App Stats show app’s installation performance across key areas such as countries, versions, device models, and others. Going forward it will be even more powerful for publishers with new metrics and ways to analyze data, and a redesigned user interface.

So, it is anticipated that Android App Marketing is going to rise so will be the businesses associated with Android Apps. Without any surprise, Android app testing, being such an important part of Android app market, will also flourish. Having said that not every Android App Testing company can harness business out of the opportunities and it requires huge efforts in terms of customer satisfaction and quality of services being delivered. I happen to meet one of such top performing Android App Testing companies- Testing4Success. Testing4Success is offering Android Application Testing/QA services for many years now and has established itself as one of the best Android App Testing/QA services business. Testing4Success makes sure that not once the customer needs to worry about the quality of application testing by performing exhaustive Android Apps Testing. Sure, this company knows the magic of launching perfectly adorable Android Apps in the market. Great !! So, in case you are looking for professional Android Application Testing/QA services, you know where to go- Testing4Success.

Testing4Success is one of the leading Testing/QA providers in North America. Besides the Android App Testing/QA, it provides following testing solutions- Application Testing/QA, Web Application Testing/QA, Mobile Application Testing/QA, and online ISTQB certification trainings.

My prediction about the Android App Market Vs the Iphone/iPad App Market is- the competition is going to get stiffer, and, Google and Apple will be implementing strategies one after the other to jolt the market. In case, I see more apps coming into the market, and of course that will lead to more choices for consumers to pick from. Whatever may be the case, it is going to be one truly exciting times in the smartphone’s (mobile) application market. Android Vs iPhone/iPad,  the game is on !!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


DISCLAIMER: This post is purely for techies :)

YES, FREE ISTQB Certification Material :). So, if you are a Software Testing Professional and looking for guidance about ISTQB Testing Certifications such as ISTQB Foundation/Advanced you have check the below video and testing4success.

Testing4Success is North American Software testing solutions company, which provide extremely world class Testing/QA services for- Application Testing/QA, Web App Testing/QA, Android App Testing/QA., IPhone App Testing/QA, and Online Software Testing Trainings.

Testing4Success's self-study training products have been created by accredited training instructors based on the very latest ISTQB Foundation examination syllabus for the Foundation and Advanced certifications.

See our complete range of ISTQB distance-learning products at:

This video is FREE ISTQB Foundation Practice Exam questions.

Friday, March 23, 2012


I think I need not remind anybody about what iPhones are? right ?
I'm kidding, I just wanted to imagine your reaction on reading the first line :-) ....Certainly, IPhone is the coolest device I've ever seen in my life, and I just can't stop applauding Apple Inc and Steve Jobs for gifting mankind with such a wonderful gizmo. Awe-inspiring !! Steve, I'll always remember you throughout my life, you were a true artist and a technology magician, god bless your soul.

Believe it or not, Apple has not just created a super cool gadget for itself, the iPhone, but also created an industry around itself. Thousands of people are employed because of iPhone. Don't believe me? Hold on to it for a while.

Every morning when you hit for the gym you use that fitness app on your iPhone to keep track of your regime. You are going to meet a friend of yours who lives in that part of city you have not visited in your entire life, but guess what you traced the directions using your iPhone app and reached at your friend's house without any hassle. You are preparing for GRE/GMAT vocabulary and instead of carrying those boring flashcards now you are carrying an iPhone app, IntelliVocab (the best iPhone app, in my opinion).......And these are just few of the things, there are so many iPhone apps that you can't even imagine.

So, do you think that all these iPhone apps are built by a single company? If you do so, then you have used only few :). Don't be surprised to know that there are thousands and thousands of companies that develop really cool iPhone apps, and iPhone app development is not just there small secondary business, but this is entirely what many companies do. Yes, they just develop iPhone app. Well, don't get it wrong, it is a skill. Easier said than done !!

And now coming to the iPhone Application (App) testing, it is probably one of the most significant part of developing an iPhone App. No kidding, just imagine one day when SIRI- Apple's latest interactive bot starts abusing you in the middle of your board meeting...ROFL !! Hence, testing iPhone app is really the most important thing before it is launched in the market.

So, it not wrong to say that- because iPhone app development has increased significantly over the last few years, the market for iPhone app testing has also grown leaps and bounds during the same period. Without any surprise, iPhone app testing, being such an important part of iPhone app development cycle, has now extended to such a level that there are now businesses that specifically take care of iPhone app testing/qa part, which I believe is really important in order to make effective and the best iPhone apps.

Having said that not all companies can do the job in the most efficient manner and there are always few outstanding performers. I happen to meet one of such top performing iPhone app testing companies- Testing4Success. Testing4Success is offering iPhone application Testing/QA services to ensure the application functionality on end-user devices are not just working properly but also providing the best user experience ever. Reliability and performance of iPhone apps and their infrastructure directly impacts end users experience, and Testing4Success makes sure that no stone is unturned during the exhaustive iPhone apps testing. Sure, this company believes in creating a marvel. Great job guys !! So, in case you are looking for professional Beta Testers for your iPhone applications or tired of not getting quality reporting and feedback, you know where to go- Testing4Success.

Testing4Success is one of the leading Testing/QA providers in North America. Besides the iPhone App Testing, it provides following testing solutions- Application Testing/QA, Web Application Testing/QA, Mobile Application Testing/QA, and online ISTQB certification trainings.

I've no doubt with the latest developments in  the iPhone devices and with the ever increasing consumers, the demand for iPhone apps will continue to rise. Already, every business in the world wants to have an iPhone app of its own, and due to the domino effect, the demand and market for iPhone app testing will also continue to increase.

Friday, March 9, 2012



Within I'm hopeful
Anxiety has peaked
In next few days I'll know
Time has stopped and heart is pounding....

PS. This is my attempt at writing a poem in one of the famous poetry styles called the "Acrostic Poetry" in which the first letter of each line spells a word, usually the same word as in the title.

Do you like it?

Check my other two poems of the same poetry style- FORGIVENESS and YEARN