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Thursday, October 13, 2011


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"Make your project work a breeze with Trailhead: Basecamp Client for iPad"

My favorite iPhone and iPad applications development company Faqden Labs has announced the release of Trailhead, a Basecamp client for iPAD. This app provides a true mobility layer to the project management and collaboration application of’s Basecamp.

So, it is good news for all the people who are either using Basecamp as their Project Management tool or planning to use it sometime soon. Trailhead is an intuitively designed iPad app that provides a slick and quick interface to your Basecamp projects. The current release of Trailhead supports the two most important functions of Basecamp i.e, Messages and To-Dos. One of the main advantage for the existing Basecamp users is that using Trailhead, you can connect to any of your Basecamp accounts and browse through all your projects. You can view, edit and add comments to your messages. It retrieves all the right people and companies that are registered with each project for you to conveniently subscribe the messages to.

The user experience and usability design is very intuitive and flexible. The app lets users jump from a certain activity in one project, directly to an entirely different activity in any another project. It consumes as few user actions as possibly can in doing so.

Some of the exciting features that Trailhead offers are-
  • Browse projects 
  • Work with Messages and To-Dos 
  • Easy access to Messages: Users can View\Edit messages and also can view\edit and post new comments. The intuitive UI design makes the messages always available with one-button touch 
  • Flexible management of To-Dos: Users can View\Edit To-Do lists and also can view\edit and post new comments.
  • Users can Create new To-Do lists or add items to existing To-Do lists right from the app, and like everything else, it is only a button touch away 
  • Users can drag\drop action items to re-order them, but can also re-order the to-do lists themselves. 
  • Users can Finish\Unfinish items and lists right from the app. You can toggle between finished and unfinished action items for convenience. 
  • Pick the right people and companies to subscribe items to 
  • Calendar feature is added. Now you can add, modify and monitor your milestones and events of your Basecamp account 
  • Calendar displays pins to indicate presence of events at a high level 
  • Remember Login, so you don’t need to enter it over and over. Convenience is the mantra!
  • Login\Logout functionality   

By the way for the record, Trailhead has got a phenomenal start. Trailhead Basecamp client for iPAD is 81st ranked "Productivity application" of the entire Apple app-store that too competing with 12000 other applications and climbing into the top 100 in less than 2 days from its release is simply massive !!

 You have got to download this most amazing iPAD application now. Click here to download.