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Friday, August 28, 2009

BHARATIYA JANTA PARTY (BJP) – The Party With The “Differences”

As I visited the website of BJP, the main opposition party in Lok Sabha currently, I read a very nice looking slogan on the webpage saying “BJP – The Party With A Difference” but ironically with the current condition of the party its nice looking slogan has faded into a new one saying “BJP – The Party With The Differences”. Yes, that is the current tragic story of one of the strongest political party in India.

Who would have thought that this party with a difference will turn out a party with the differences and would lose the last Lok Sabha elections so convincingly, which nobody expected it to do. Today, I m going to represent my views about the downfall on BJP from the eyes of young India, what the youth of India see as the main reasons of BJP losing sheen as an integral group.

Reason#1 LACK OF A STRONG LEADER IN THE PARTY: After Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee BJP is not able to find a leader in the party who can lead the country. Somehow, Mr.L.K.Advani even after working so hard for the party could not attain that stature as Mr.Vajpayee did. Mr.Narendra Modi did show the glimpse of a strong leader but his views of extremism and conservatism have created hindrances in his path of being a strong leader. Arun Shourie and Sushma Swaraj inspite of being a strong leaders never hailed very strong leadership roles in BJP. Young India questions the BJP- Where is a strong leader in the opposition party of a country of 100crore.

Reason#2 EXTREMIST VIEWS: Though BJP has shown some very good party agenda’s for the growth of nation but as a whole the image of BJP is still considered to be extremist. The main reason could be there strong agenda of HINDUTVA. Party has to understand that today the strength of the nation is its youth. Au contraire, Congress has understood the young India very well and implemented their plans accordingly. BJP has always shown an image of strong follower of Hindutva, which to young generation does not matter except giving them a tag of extremist party. Young India thinks of whole India not just hindus. The old orthodox ideas might have worked for BJP a decade ago when India as a nation was more conserve but now that phase has passed out and there is a serious image make-over require for BJP.

Reason#3 SENIOR LEADERS GIVEN PREFERENCE: Mr.Advani’s desire to be a Prime Minister one day is causing huge losses to BJP. BJP as a party despite of having people who can be represented as future Prime-minister has not done so because of Advani’s strong will of being a PM. As Advani is a senior leader, nobody has opposed him but may be causing differences among the party’s members. Though this does not matter to youth of India but i.e. what they feel - a party biased to seniors.

Reason#4 VASUNDHARA RAJE Vs BJP: The latest tiff in the BJP camp against Raje has impacted the party to some extend and is going to play a key factor in creating differences with-in the party. Already the former minister Arun Shourie has lashed out saying that- the party leadership is worried that fresh trouble in Rajasthan would really render Rajnath's last couple of months as party chief look unbearably bleak. He would be seen to have been a "zero leader" as the party fell apart at the seams in virtually every direction. Certainly, Rajnath Singh is underfire for all this mishappening and no doubt, BJP looks to be in deep trouble with this controversy. The young India thinks- why at first place its been made so much of an issue? They dont bother. Why media is so much into it??

Reason#5 JASWANT SINGH Vs BJP: Jaswant Singh expelled over Jinnah remarks, has cost BJP a big political leader. Not only that is has also given air to the past controversies like Kandhar, which are again causing the problems for the BJP. The Young India thinks its just a book, how can it effect anybody if you dont like it then dont buy it. Youth says- they dont think these meaningless expultions will fetch BJP any votes and media has completely lost it, why there is a need to give so much of air to an incident of zero worth to country and why are we discussing past.

Reason#6 LACK OF YOUNG MEMBERS IN BJP: BJP in comparison to Congress hardly has any young leaders, which is one of the main reason it’s being not able to connect to the ideology of young India. Young India thinks- BJP certainly needs leaders like Rahul Gandhi in the party who can represent party as future prime-minister.

Its high time BJP review its reasons of decline and make changes accordingly to work back in the political arena as a strong contender and a party, which can really make a difference in India. Young India thinks- the politics is already in such a bad state and now it will worsen as the oppostion party is on the decline. They think its essential that the opposition party fights back and create a positive competition to make the politics better.