The Very Special People


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This is a well known fact – “Jo Dikhta hai, Wo Bikta hai” (Whatever we see, is what we buy) and the whole marketing world works in alignment to these words. Scientifically and broadly speaking - Marketing is based on identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer needs effectively and profitably. It encompasses market research, pricing, promotion, distribution, customer care and your brand image. The most accomplished way of marketing is undoubtedly Media. Be it print media like newspaper, ad-papers, pamphlets or our electronic media. The 24-hours on the run, idiot boxes like TV, Radio or the billboards chasing us all around the world along the highways, cities, metros, railway stations, airports etc are the most well known means of marketing. All these play a crucial role in influencing the respective target audiences everywhere. But the changing world of innovative ideas has got something really new for the marketing world and this new einsteinium way to market the brand is called – “BEING IN THE NEWS”. Yes, it the latest and the hottest, most successful way of marketing a brand.
Ok you must be thinking how it works. Well, of course being in the news is what called marketing anyways so I m not telling anything new here but being in the news for all the wrong reasons is yet another but fruitful way of branding. Ok how about this – You are hearing news about Rakhi Sawant more often than Tulsi of Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi, you are hearing Shahrukh Khan more than Abhishek Bachchan and how about Paris Hilton rather than Julia Roberts in the news. Well, answer to all these are only one which is being in the News not necessarily for good reasons.
I consider Paris Hilton as the biggest Brand in the world and the reason for that is simple – She is always in the News!!
The best implemented or I would say the worst is that when nothing is happening for these elite group of people then we have ugly things coming out for these stars in the public – be it Shahrukh Khan having a spat with Salman Khan in a party or Rakhi Sawants Kiss incident with Mika or Hilton’s Sex Tapes coming out in public. All these things which might look intolerable or ridiculous to common people but the Celebes just love these scoops to be in the limelight. Gone are those days when image would matter more than being in the news, now it’s more important being there rather than just being out of it (news). Why the youngsters would want to be part of a tv show like MTV Roadies instead of being part of some multi national company because the platform gives them a lot of publicity and they are marketed so well for all the abuse, politics, crap and nuisance as compared to a well respected mnc job. Its simple somehow your visibility to the world, be it of wrong reasons markets you as a Brand and there is always a pool of people for which you were the wrong person but for others you were the correct one. Hence, you have the good support always.

So, just market yourself. Dont Worry if its bad sometimes I m sure with the world of discreet ideas you will find your own supporters.
The most important thing: ALWAYS BE IN THE LIMELIGHT.