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Monday, July 20, 2009

Malaria Awareness Campaign: An Effort Worth Being A Part

India has gone through an estimated of $550 million economic losses due to Malaria from 1990-93. India has spent nearly 30% of its health budget on Malaria control from 1977-2000 and as an important fact 80% of the Malaria control money is spent on insecticides. Yet in the latest survey, India has nearly 1 million cases detected per year and 1000 deaths a year. So, its very much clear that the mosquitoes are not letting us live and they are still sucking bloods and taking lives ruthlessly.
Undoubtebly, we are still on the losing side after almost a century long struggle against the Malaria. Though, to make it worst Malaria on the other hand has got a support from a new friend called Dengue. We all know what is Malaria. Each one of us know the wicked mosquito lady ANOPHELES but still we are falling prey to her romance called Malaria. It seems even after knowing all the things we are not doing the stuff to prevent the deadly disease. The prevention is very simple and short, which says "KEEP IT CLEAN" thats it. This is enough to beat the draconian ANOPHELES and making them extinct from our lives.
But still we have not been successful in preventing Malaria. The reasons can be any one of the two, either we listen and forget what it takes to prevent Malaria or we are still not aware of it. Whatever may be the reason, Chillibreeze Solutions has decided enough is enough and launched a campaigne to spread awarness about the Malaria for those who dont know what Malaria is and for those who have forgotten how we can prevent it. Its an effort again to realize us that Malaria is still pretty much there. Its an effort to realize us to kill Malaria once for all rather than Malaria taking lives every year.
In this unique campaigne of a kind, Chillibreeze Solutions has launched a very interesting concept to spread Malaria Awareness through a COMIC BOOK. Ideally, the company would like every kid in India to read this book and for that matter every individual across the country. With the same goal in mind, Chillibreeze is looking for people to volunteer all across the country so that those people can distribute the comic books in the local schools for free and launch the campaign in a massive way. The aim is simple to remove Malaria from India forever.
Initially, the comic book launched is in English only but Chillibreeze is also looking to launch it in regional languages soon, for that also the company are looking for volunteers across the country who can translate the comic book to regional languages. As a volunteer you are free to give any ideas or suggestion to make the campaign a massive success and attaining its ultimate goal of eradication of Malaria.
Here is the link to the comic book if you want to see it :- and here is the facebook community link where you can join and discuss your ideas with the fellow volunteers- .
For the love of our people, for the love of our community and more for the love of our country, lets be a part to this campaign and remove Malaria out of our lives. Lets do our bit to make our nation a beautiful place minus the mosquitoes. I m already a part of it and You too join me.
Spread the love, spread the word !!