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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Well guess what? The first Youtube video review for the IntelliVocab ( previously PowerVocab) is live :)...I'm glad that I'll be able to show you now how this cool vocabulary building iPhone app works. All those posts, all those discussions and finally here it is-

One more good news is Faqden Labs, the developers of the smartest vocabulary building iPhone app, has just deployed the version 1.4 of InelliVocab (previously PowerVocab) and the users can update it.

The new features introduced in the latest version of IntelliVocab (previously PowerVocab) are-
  • Visual representation of your progress.
  • Antonym and Synonym questions added.
  • Auto play for practice session.
  • Email words to yourself and to share your result.
  • Improved analytics.
IntelliVocab (previously PowerVocab) is certainly picking up popularity big time. As per Irfan, the founder of Faqden Labs, "IntelliVocab is nearing to 5000 users in just about one and a half months of its launch, and lots of students preparing for GMAT/GRE/SAT are loving this vocabulary building iPhone app. The response has been phenomenal and we are very happy with it".

I really like this IPhone app, IntelliVocab (previously PowerVocab), and I feel its not just useful for GMAT/GRE students but also very useful for all the non-native English speakers for improving their English vocabulary. 

PS. Due to trademark issues PowerVocab has been renamed to IntelliVocab