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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Techie Bonanza For The COPS

Yes, with India emerging as the biggest Telecommunication Hub and to be estimated as the largest subscribers of GSM and CDMA services in coming times. There is a new feather added to the cap, with Indian Police turning techies with the use of latest scientific gadgets.
Recently, the Haryana Police in Gurgaon was given the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and they are already functioning with the new machines. Soon after Gurgaon cops in north turning sci-fi, there is sound response from south i.e. from Kerala with the news of 40,000 headsets will be given to Kerala Police by BSNL. Much to the COPS pleasure these headsets will be at Rs.100/month rental and within circle calling completely free. So, next time you even try to think to break the law than just think once that you will be caught at next check post :-)
With India zooming with a high growth of internet connections every quarter and turning out to be a fasttrack runner in the internet world has made COPS to jump into the same arena. Kerala Police with the help of BSNL, is going to set up BSNL Broadband services on computers at 436 Police Stations so that the process of logging the complaints will be computerized henceforth.
Its a great news with all these new technology and gadgets being issued to the Police but they will only count worthy enough when they will be used properly and most importantly, in PUBLIC INTEREST. Government also need to make sure, that before even the Police start using these gadgets like GPS etc, there should be proper usage training given to the COPS and specialists assigned to work on the same.
Anyways, KUDOS to the Next Generation COPS and instead of seeing the hitech COPS in Hollywood movies, we see our own DESI COPS in actions on the streets now !!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Gone are those days when India was conserve, calm, silent and hidden. Its that time now where every Indian wants to be as vocal as a peacock in the field and heard by everyone around it. Its visible, the life styles have changed alot, the habits have changed even more and the Indian has now turned in the avatar of a "Global Indian". I have been part of this growing India and certainly the change is visible.
THE MNC CULTURE: The work places has become so western, gone are those days when the dressing and buttering will matter at work places. Its the time where work counts, your leadership skills rules and your communication in sanguine, mesmerises everybody else. All boses are very approachable, your ideas are heard, if not implemented and you have a presence at work. But all only if, you want it because there are always exceptions.
THE YOUTH: The youth of India has become open above caste, creed or religion. They want to have fun with their friends, it does not matter of which religion. There is an equal place for both men and women in young society. The youth is more planned, career oriented and clear about its goal in life and what they really want.
THE CINEMA: There has been a sudden twist in the movies which used to be part of indian cinema.Suddenly, there is a shift from the ALL ROMANTIC TALES to the real and normal life subjects. Movies are having the more real effects with hero's not acting sci-fi or super humans but just normal guy next door. The Maa-Behn words becoming common in all movies and the heroines becoming sexy as the ladies in the audiences are changing much to the competition. Movies are being made more for Youth and Teens as target audiences now. Indian cinema becoming global with Rehman and Resul bringing oscars. The Heat is ON with the buzzword Bollywood. Beyonce,Snoop dog, Timberlake all wants to perform in bollywood.
THE CRICKET: India and its cricketing body has certainly pushed the trigger of whole world towards the biggest market of the cricket i.e. Indian Subcontinent. The unsaid, unannounced monopoly and dominance of BCCI has taken the world with a quite shock but with no rebel as all just want to be part of this mullah party started by Indians called IPL(Indian Premier League). IPL is certainly the cricketing version of Soccer's very own English Premier League. At one end where the money is pouring in at will for the players, on the other side its a win win situation for the great cricket fans of India.
THE PARENTS: Parents have become extraordinary cool today. They have become very open with the idea of children working far from the home or studying away. They are giving full independence to their children in what they want and how they want to pursue. Even the love marriages have picked up alot in number and they are being successfully engaged by the parents consent.Kudos to the next generation parenthood !!
THE LIFESTYLE: Everybody is working on one strategy of EARN MORE SPEND MORE. Earlier, when there were hardly, one or two coffee shops or bars/pubs and restaurant in the cities and now its been flooded with the same. The foreign brands has conquered India like their second homes. The Allen Solly's, The VanHeusen's, The Tommy Hilfiger's all are here in India and selling as never before. The slum has hit everybody but the India is still spending that too big time.
THE FAITH AND DREAM: All the Indian have become confident and had developed a deep faith in themselves in this world arena that today, everybody thinks themselves as competitive as anybody else in the world. Every Engineer or Doctor who is in the making is almost certain of going abroad in their life at least once.Indians are working everywhere and with proven facts and statistics, they are the most skilled and hard working people in offering as professionals. Yes, the Indians have just started being real and what they are and there is huge to come.... STATUTORY WARNING:BEWARE THE INDIANS ARE ON THE MOVE

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why Bachchan's Having Trouble Praising SLUMDOG ..

Its done and more of a well applauded fact with the whole world now that SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE has won 8 Oscars.At one side where whole world is going bizzare over the movie and its well acclaimed cast including all Indians but on the other hand its been still eluding to hear any word of praise from the number 1 family of Indian Cinema. Yes, the Bachchan's are surely not impressed with the Slumdog, first it was the Big B, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan who was criticizing the movie in public through his blog and in the media and now it seems like the pendulum has been passed to his daughter in law Mrs.Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.As per Aishwarya the movie is "just another movie" with nothing as special about it, instead she even did not want to talk furthur about it but diplomatically moved away from the discussion by praising the oscar winners Rehman and Resul.
Ironically, Slumdog Millionaire had a scene where the Shahenshah of Bollywood lands in his helicopter near the slums of dharavi and the crowd goes bizzark for having the glimse of there own superstar.Unfortunatly, the original Mr.BIG B was never called by Mr.Danny Boyle to play the role in the oscar winning film and still being used in a virtual character without even being shown the face of Amitabh Bachchan in the movie.And ofcourse, the reel Slumdog Millionaire Jamal did take Mr.Bachchan's autograph in the movie and went ahead in the millionaire game with answering the question on Mr.Bachchan.
Probably, thats the rootcause of Bachchan's being having bad mouth about the movie and not yet applauded the movie whole-heartedly. Yes, its really bad when you are being used as a character in the movie and that too of utmost importance(of such a big stature and being part of the question faced by Jamal on his road to being a millionaire) and still have not actually acted in it. Moreover, the agony goes a level or two more up on hearing that the movie has been winning all the awards in the world including 8 Oscars.Secondly, the movie is still pulling in crowds giving nowhere stands to other movies like Pink Panther(starring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan),Delhi-6(starring Abhishek Bachchan) which is making again the Bachchan's in an agony for the movie not doing well on box-office because of competition at certain extent.
Anyways, we still love the Bachchan's and since the theme of the world at this moment of time is SLUMDOG..So, lets say together JAI HO......!!