The Very Special People


Sunday, November 25, 2007

A POEM : -- Falling in love . . .

Falling in love . . .

Days came, days went..
I was always for myself, thinking just myself.
Carefree, like a butterfly..
I was jumping from one flower to next,
Whichever came next.

I and my cupidity of success..
Took me away, away from amigos
away from relations.
Yet like a triumphant soldier
I was going ahead, leaving all behind.

Narcissism was inculcating in me.
I was loving myself the most.
It was enigmatic, it was strange
But I knew it will pass,
Just like a phase in a life.

One day, I broached with a girl..
Almost like a star from one galaxy to the next,
it went so smoothly and all in a joy.
I thought it was just a moment of my life
And will soon ebb away.

Again, days came, days went..
I was eclectic, don’t know why??
The conundrum was ugly..
But yet engender the joy.
We were going along..
Just ordinarily . .
but the feeling went across extra-ordinarily.

Life inhaled a new life,
Surely, the Heart was in reckoning this time.
I was getting poised, behind her.
But just the sight of her put me in - - aphasia! !

I was shy and I thought, I came over it..
But seemed like the love caught up the real me.
Again shy, but arduously in love..
Wanted her but don’t know why??

Falling in love …
Is what I can sense it out..
But falling is what scares me, lord..
So please make us RISE in love.
Together, in happiness and grief.

- - Vivek Nanda