The Very Special People


Saturday, September 26, 2009


I have this amazing widget on my blog, which keeps on flashing motivational quotes randomly and today it has something really interesting that triggered me to think about it. Well it says- “If what you're working for really matters, you'll give it all you've got” by Nido Qubein.

Nido Qubein is a motivational speaker and president of High Point University, an accredited undergraduate and graduate institution. What is more interesting about Mr.Qubein is the fact that he had been ranked 6th among the most motivational speaker world wide in 2008. He is chairman of the Great Harvest Bread Company. He is an active speaker and consultant addressing more than 100 business and professional groups around the world each year. His books and learning programs have been translated into three dozen languages and are sold across the globe.

You know what I think on knowing so much about Mr.Qubein that he is one really inspiring soul on this earth. Yet I still not convinced with his quote mentioned above. I understand this clearly that its very logical and basic for someone to give one’s best shot at something, which really interests him but this is a very simple thought or let me just say that it’s a very common aspect of one’s personality. It’s like when I like something and it really matters to me, I m going to give my best shot, this is kind of obvious isn’t it? With due respect to Mr.Qubein and with no offense to his opinion instead, I feel this is not at all motivating, probably if that quote, would have given me an advice or mantra through which I could have realized a thing that really matters to me in life would have been worth. I think, we all in our lives want to achieve what really matter but most of us throughout our lives are never clear about it so we keep on trying different things at all times by actually copying the people who have done well rather than doing what would really matter to us. It’s a proven fact that people who are clear about what they want are the one who are successful in their lives. The reason is very simple as they know what exactly they want and in which direction they have to apply themselves, with full force to achieve what they exactly want. So, what I m trying to say is it’s not about if I m doing a thing that really matters to me and I m giving my best in it but it’s about how I realize what thing really matters to me because once I know that it’s almost definite that I m going to give my all to it.

Au contraire, I have another observation, which I would want to share here. There are people with such a character who have a tendency of giving their best at whatever they do. Moreover, they do it despite their intention if it really matters to them but it’s more of their rare pure character. These are actually the people who are true winners because not only they feel satisfied with themselves as they do all the things with full passion but also do it with all they have. Beyond that it really doesn’t matter to them even if it doesn’t reap them any use. For instance, I know a person who works for a MNC. I know that this guy has not received any good hikes for last 2 years or so but yet his passion for his work and zealot at work is commendable. He himself knows that there is no use of working so hard but still he do it for himself. He says that’s his nature or character he feels satisfied in life only after performing something not by cheating himself. Now this is a truly inspiring character because if one knows what really matters to him in life, he would surely going to give his all but here is somebody who is not sure what matters to him and yet giving his all.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I m a Google fan and I love to search everything I wish to find out on internet via Google but just a few days ago, I found a rather shocking fact i.e. every Google search emits 0.2g of Carbon Dioxide. There was study that took place in Harvard University by Mr. Alex Wissner-Gross and it concluded that the energy consumption levels at Google’s data centers were near to 0.7g CO2 emitted per Google search. Soon after the news came in open, Google’s officials corrected the figures to 0.2g emission per search by posting it on their official blog. The post also said that each server spends a few thousandths of a second processing queries, using 0.0003 kWh of energy - the amount that each person's body burns in ten seconds - in the process.

This news has given me a feeling of self guilt because I m a regular Google user and search minimum ten times per day on it that means 0.2x10= 2g CO2 emission. Now on thinking a bit more, I realize there are thousands of users daily searching something on Google and that too multiple times so this number is going to be a devastating one in terms of total CO2 emission. Since, I m not at all anti-Google guy I m not trying to criticize Google or anybody else here but what I m trying to present is a fact that is so alarming and unknowingly, we are involved in CO2 emissions and playing our part in Global Warming.

Now taking the mathematics of search engines to a next level, we have Yahoo, Bing, AOL, MSN, ASK, and many other small and big search engines available today on the internet but the million dollar question is exactly how many search engines are there? Going by the facts, it’s very clear that other than the major search engines, which I named above, rest all just share near to 10% of the total pie chart. But again the trick is how you are doing your calculations because other than our major search engines we have hundreds of thousands of search engines, which are part of the single website and let me remind you all those search engines are also the part of our so called internet data, which is being stored at data centers, and they play a major role when you query something on the website because that consumes energy and emits CO2.

Now let’s just analyze the information I gave you above. Imagine the number of websites we have on the internet today. Let’s just imagine that how much data could be there on the internet today? Can you imagine that, I know you do but you might be just amazed the same way as I was on observing such staggering numbers. Ok, we all use Emails and we have lots n lots of them, isn’t it? So, you ever thought where all that data is getting stored, well the answer is simple it’s being stored in those data centers only and that too plays a part in CO2 emission.

I know we cannot stop using the internet or we just cannot go back in old age, which would be like taking the internet revolution back, but what is required are the ideas in these fields. We should try and find out answers to all Data Centers emissions and make the green technology revolution a big one. It’s really important that we join the green IT club better sooner than later otherwise, the consequence could be worse and our technology might end up being our biggest curse.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Just when the first suspected Swine Flu case was reported in my office, my company took a major precautionary step against it by installing several Alcohol based Sanitizers in the company premises. The clear instruction was to apply the spirit from the Alcohol Sanitizers at a regular interval of say 4-5 hours and it will help us fight against any virus including the Swine Flu.

At first, I thought how could this thing going to make a difference and now here I m after more than a month and no Swine Flu case reported since its installation. Not only that I have seen these Alcohol Sanitizers being installed at various public places like- KFC, Multiplexes and many companies. From my personal experience and observation the Alcohol Sanitizers have done the trick, and they are certainly helping us fight against the Swine Flu.

In fact, there has been an official study about the Alcohol Sanitizers Vs the bacteria and viruses, and the good news is these sanitizers are working in our favor. There have been some studies done over the years and the conclusion is washing our hands using these Alcohol Sanitizers is a good idea. If you are having a busy day and if you find it hard to get to a sink, then carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you because that will help you fight against any viral infections.

The conclusion is if we apply it (Alcohol Sanitizer) on our hands, they become very noninfectious to viruses. It’s simple if you put it on the hands and the viruses simply won’t be able to cling to them. So, it does reduce the amount of a virus that can cling to our hands but it does not kill it. Alternatively, it also can’t harm us in any way.

Hence, Alcohol Sanitizers can be one major utility, which can help us protect against the Swine Flu and as they say it “Prevention is better than cure”, I see there is no harm in installing such Alcohol based Sanitizers in our premises but make sure you are not an Alcohol addict because then your stock of sanitizer is going to end soon, just kidding. On a serious note, I would say that it has worked for several companies here and I hope it will work for everyone else too.