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Monday, December 29, 2008

Is India The Most Racial Country in the World ??

India is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second-most populous country, and the largest democracy in the world.

Languages spoken:
India is a multilingual society with 22 principal languages recognized by the constitution. Hindi is the language of a large percentage of people (38 per cent), while English is the preferred business language.

Major religions:
Majority are Hindus, with a significant number are Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and others.
India is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second-most populous country, and the largest democracy in the world.

Individual mother tongues in India number several hundred; the 1961 census recognized 1,652.

India is a federal republic of twenty-eight states and seven Union Territories.

If anybody in the world see all these staggering facts and figures, would say – “O MY GOD”!!!
Leave the whole world aside together on one side and we have India on the other, the Mother of all, which is huge and vastly diverse.
I m sure every single Indian is as proud as me of all these astonishing figures and facts about India’s diversity and most importantly, this is how we project ourselves to the outside world. We showcase, we are the most diverse country of the world where we have such a huge multicultural and multi-lingual pool of people, which you cannot find in any other country in the world.
India is undoubtedly, the flavor of the world where every 100 kilometers you will find yourself in the different heaven. You will not just find the changes geographically but you will witness a difference in the language, the clothing, the food, the architectural changes in the buildings/housings and the people. If someone decides to go from northern most tip of India towards the southern most end of India, he would have so much to narrate to his grand children’s that even this life will be short for him.
But this is how whole world look to us, this is how India is known at the highest level but how about this--->
Whenever a south Indian moves to the north of India, he becomes the cynosure of jokes, mockery and vice-versa it’s the same. Why at the work place we try to find people from our native to form our group or friend circle? Why we discriminate each other on the basis of religion, languages and geographies? Why we try to show our culture more superior to the others? Why we want our local language to gain the heritage status as comparison to other languages? Why we say that we are only going to give jobs to the people of our state and we will beat the hell out of the others?

Well, I can give hundreds of such reasons which had made me think in the contrary i.e. the very fact of being the Most DIVERSE country in the world which used to make me proud is now becoming the curse of my country. I know, we have this habit of moving away from all things by putting the blame on the politics and on our great political leaders but come on, its us who are selecting them, we are the largest Democracy in the world, isn’t it ??
It’s really a sad fact that India’s National Language is Hindi and the official language is English. Ok leave both of these languages and taking all other languages into account, is there a single language on which we can be dependent and go anywhere in our country with people understanding it? Sadly the answer is BIG NO!!
Politics and corruption has got so much into the system, that shameful incidents like what has happened in Maharashtra took place where we started ourselves discriminating not on the basis of Hindu – Muslims which has been our story since 1947 but now its within Hindu’s itself, only Marathi’s can work there. This awful state of our politics could be because of the bad politicians but you have to see the fact that with every good or bad politician there is always an ample amount of support, who is none other than the COMMON MAN of India.
The corruption has increased so much in our system that a police man will ignore a person not wearing a helmet having a vehicle of same state but will stop the outsider, in the hope of getting bribed. But again who bribe them, it’s us again.
The whole country has been divided in so many criteria’s that it has become tough sometimes to find the reason of conflict.
We have to inculcate the feeling of integrity and only “INDIAN-NESS” in ourselves. We have to work together with each other with only one feeling i.e. of “ONE NATION AND SAME PEOPLE” rather than ONE NATION AND DIFFERENT PEOPLE.
It’s the time when we wake-out of this sinful era of trauma and discrimination, be it on the basis of gender, religion, caste, culture or region. If we want ourselves to live a peaceful happy life and grow, than we have to mature with the feeling of “ONE INDIA”….and may we wish our nation to be a world super power soon….because country’s people are its strength.


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