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Friday, July 31, 2009


One day I was going in an elevator from ground floor to 7th floor in this building, where my office is located. I was nicely dressed with the perfect fragrance of my perfume coming out of my formal clothes. I like the fragrance more when I can smell it even better inside the elevator and makes me feel really good. Unfortunately, on that day I got the shock of my life in the elevator. My whole expression got changed to a disgusted looking face I could have ever made in my life as I became the victim of the most ferocious of the FARTS, which the mankind had ever witnessed.

Trust me it was so terribly bad that my mouth was automatically sealed and there was no breath coming out of my nose. My facial expression as I saw in the mirror hanging in the elevator was a unique one, which I ever produced and it was the mixture of both anger and disgust simultaneously. Soon, everyone else in the elevator was looking at each other. Everyone in the lift was suspecting one another and looking for that man of the moment, the very special GASSEOUS CLAY. But everybody in the elevator, giving the best acting performances of their lives and expressing the same thing with their different styles that- "I did not do it but is it you?" including the real GASSEOUS CLAY.

Luckily, the light of the elevator for 7th floor blinked and my moment of horror came to an end. I came out of the elevator and inhaled my life back. Soon, I realized that like we have separate zones for things such as Smoking, Eating etc; there is a serious need of "FART ZONES". I know we might not have thought about it earlier but we surely need it because we have no right to make people suffer due to our heavy meals. May be FARTS are so sudden that an individual hardly gets time to reach out to a safe FARTING ZONE but whatever it is - if we cannot have FARTING ZONES atleast we should need NO FARTING ZONES :-)


Taranfx said...

ROFL. In tandem with Smoking zones, companies should encourage employees to use FartZones viz. - OUTDOORS -

And with Cease-Fire, RoomFreshner bottles should be held, just in case.

Vivek Nanda said...

Thats a good suggestion Taran :)

kunal said...

I wish farts came with a black smoke.....hhahahaha

Sam said...

Well hope its a Qualcomm guy and i never meet this person ever in my life. In case u remember his face we can set a appointment with sketch atrist so that we can have a face on "BEWARE POSTER". Hey maybe that guy aint so bad should ask amitesh to give him food tips.

Amit said...

Uff.. a confession here. Mostly software engineers in Verizon, sitting nearly for 10 hours a day, ( except queing for snacks ) . do get improper bowl. lol...



TO add.. one day.. i saw someone putting mightly finger in mighty nose and then sticking mighty ^%$^%^ ( u know ) to under desk. LOL

Vivek Nanda said...

I know we all are not equally civilized but sometimes few people are caught and thats what becomes hilarious!!

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