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Friday, January 29, 2010


One fine day when I was browsing through the internet I found this fact, which actually surprised me. I thought I will start putting such facts on my blog now and as a result I ended up writing this as my first "WHAT THE FACT" or "WTF!!" post. Pardon me if you feel offended with the abbreviation, my only sincere intent behind the "WTF" abbreviation is an effort to use a bad word in a better and correct way.

OK, now coming to my very first  WHAT THE FACT- Do you know if there is any national flag in the world that is Non-rectangular? Well, surprisingly there is one, the national flag of Nepal is the world's only Non-Rectangular national flag. Its crimson red in color with blue borders. Red is also the sign of victory in war and the blue border is color of peace. The flag borrows the basic design from the original Hindu design, which has been in use for more than 2,000 years. The two triangles symbolize the Himalaya Mountains and represent the two major religions, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Hope you liked this fact but of course, this is the just the beginning. This new section of my blog will be labeled under "WTF" and "WHAT THE FACT" keywords, in case you want to search through the blog.
O I feel so excited about this post; its short, crisp and informative. I would want to hear your views about this new "WTF" section, kindly leave your precious comments.


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