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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Eclipse, we hear this word
And a picture of Sun and Moon appears.
The black ring, blocking all the light.
The sudden darkness, a visible shadow.
The only moment of Earth deprived of all the light,
Scary, yet mesmerizing.

Mesmerizing of its beauty,
The visible relative motion’s of the celestial bodies. 
The dark ring covers the light first,
And then goes out of the way again.
The light flashes back.
Like the Earth coming back to life again.

Life has the same eclipses,
Sometimes deprived of Happiness,
Sometimes deprived of Success,
Sometimes deprived of Motivation.
Those are the scary moments of Life.

Like the eclipse, all scare ends.
The light comes back.
The light enlightens the life.
Success, Happiness and Motivation,
All comes back.

Remember, Eclipse ends.
Experience it bravely,
Persist it strongly and live it courageously.
You will come out shinning,
Like the light, a WINNER !!


Pavan said...

Nice way of expression using eclipse theme.
felt we can also correlate the above as, "things do come and move over, but only memories remain with us. so make sure you cherish them and not let lose the charm"

Vivek Nanda said...

Thanks you sir for appreciation.

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