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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Mind is unstoppable,
Hoarded with millions of thoughts, one after the another.
Thoughts are diverse,
Blended mixture of different emotions.

Each thought, puts the mind in a new frequency.
The mind is forced to exercise each time.
Good or bad,
Useful or futile,
Whatever the thought may be,
The mind goes for a stroll in a park, every time.

But sometimes, mind does not want to squander.
May be thats called the state of complete peace.
Thinking nothing, but blank.
Blank mind, relaxed soul.
I sometimes wonder if thats called Nirvana?


Vibhuti B said...

'Mind goes for a stroll in the park!' That defines mine totally...I had to give up driving because of that! :(..A poetry on my mind?

Vivek Nanda said...

O really, You gave up driving. Hey what about the blank mind, is it Nirvana ??

Yogesh Arora said...

Mind never goes blank,when it enters the state of complete reaches to the state of Nirvana ,,,,nothing bothers u ,,,just a peaceful,calm ans relaxed state of mind as u have achieved everything what u wanted and understood the real meaning of the life ....

Vivek Nanda said...

Mr.Arora,interesting point of view, but how about a blank mind, no tension, no worries and not even single emotion. Isn't that better than Happiness or satisfaction? You may agree that even with happiness and satisfaction there is a fear of those feelings getting over soon. So, that cannot be Nirvana. Nirvana is different, free from everything.

Yogesh Arora said...

if i define Nirvana in the terms of the true spirituality it means ....when u get are completely knowledged about life i.e Moksha,no fear,no jealously,no tension,no needs etc etc simple words if i say u get control over ur 5 senses,u understand everything what it feels like but doesn't bother you because u know where its gonna take you...whereas blank mind don't understand anything ,it's not knowledged ,it doesn't feel anything,,,can't make out difference in the 2 most simple feelings of Joy and Sorrow friend it can be deeply discussed ....

Vivek Nanda said...

Once again, very well thought argument. I appreciate your words but there is still a similarity between what you said and what I said earlier i.e. "Nothing Bothers A Person". So, may be some where a blank mind may attain the Nirvana state but of course, with knowledge :)

Yogesh Arora said...

ha ha ha ....well said ...both look alike because these are the most saturated states....1 of complete knowledge and other of complete blankness :)

Vivek Nanda said...

Anyway, nice discussion and thanks for your views.

Anonymous said...

"Complete... Total..." The absolutes are usually abstract. I would define it more as an ability to stop and concentrate. Pay attention. Mind registers an immense quantity of information every second and to most of it we never pay any attention.

Quality is more important than quantity (or totality). The amount of information is excessive anyway, so what matters is distinction, selection, filtering, assessment and analysis. (Consciousness? - but a selective one.) We have choices every moment, and this is what distinguishes us the living.

Pay attention and become conscious of what is important (some of it). Then don't worry, take the stroll in the park. It can be very refreshing.

Vivek Nanda said...

Yes, you have hit the nail at the head. It is the Quality that matters the most. Consciousness of what is important and thinking about it is only useful and of course, refreshing and satisfying.
I appreciate your views, thanks.

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