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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Just when it’s night,
Silence creeps into life.
Just when tiredness arrives,
Sleep seeps into eyes.
But suddenly a thought arise.

The thought entangles the mind,
Extempore begins inside.
Sleep flies away,
Time passes by.

The heart swings,
The volcano of words erupts,
Emotions flow to become words.
Fingers respond and type,
It’s written.

The pleasure of happiness arrives,
Whatever is written read thrice.
Every time the joy multiplies.
It’s called the love for writing.

Such is the charisma of creative mind,
Only creativeness can fill it with joy.
Soon after it,
The soul feels satisfied.


Vibhuti B said...

Hi Vivek, glad you liked it!
if you wish to forward the badge to some other green blogger then make a new post like I have, include the Jpeg of the badge and follow the 4 rules. Or you can simply put it on ur sidebar thru add a gadget, add a picture and add the link of the blog post where you receieved it!
hope this helps

Vivek Nanda said...

Ok, I have to try it. Thanks again :)

shail said...

That's a nice way to put the love of writing. Good one. :)

Vivek Nanda said...

Hi Shail, welcome :), I almost forgot if I had written something like this, but since you commented I read it again and I have to confess, sometimes when you read things after a gap of time they become sweater ;), even though its written by Thanks for visiting and keep coming back.

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