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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hello dear friends, howdy?
I was just wondering how busy life we all live these days. Whole day passes away in hurry worry curry ;)
Me going for a dip :)

I read somewhere that its a very good practice to take a couple minutes of break in-between the daily busy schedule and close your eyes to see something, which you feel is really refreshing. It is believed that by doing so the person feels rejuvenated and motivated in a fraction of seconds. It is also believed that by following such a practice on regular basis leads to a very cheerful and satisfied experience in daily life.

Well, I tried the same and guess what I felt really refreshed. Now, let me tell you what I saw with my eyes shut. I saw the sea!! I think, I really like the sea and I feel really happy when I'm at any beach. Even my idea of a perfect vacation is a beach vacation. A perfect date for me is a candle light dinner at a beach, away from the city's noise, and amidst the sound of sea waves :). I feel there is certainly a strong connection between me and the sea.

I had a date here :)
Ok, now its your turn, tell me what do you see when you close your eyes to get refreshed or what would you like to see? 

10 comments: said...

Home. Ocean. Food. Mom. Pleasant Weather. Nice post!

rantravereflect/ jane said...

i USUALLY READ IN between the day, or catch up with a movie or go for lunch with me girlfriends or i SHOP!!!

Dusk said...

Oh Vivek! This is a beautiful post!! So true!

I do have a meditation method that I use, combined with Gyan Mudra or Pran Mudra, that instantly restores me... but yes, water for me too is what refreshes me. That and the faces of my loved ones.

We are always by the water in some form or the other, either at the beach or out on our boat, etc...but it's also necessary to 'earth' oneself too.

The location for your date looks heavenly!

jemina said...

This is some kind of meditation, I LOVE it!!! I saw the sky when I closed my eyes :)

I hope everyone has his/ her own peace

Love & Light

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Those photos of the beach are beautiful. You're lucky to live somewhere so gorgeous! :)

I need to try that technique. I often get so stressed and frustrated, that I think taking a moment to picture something relaxing would help me. Thanks for the tip!

Vivek Nanda said...

Thank you all, nice to hear from all of you. Glad that it made some sense. Take Care :)

What's in a name? said...

I see all stupid and silly things, including my laundry list of things i need to finish up !! I also want to see the sea ;) boooo ~ Nice pictures by the way :)

Vivek Nanda said...

@What's in a name?.....hilarious :) :)
Thanks for visiting here.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I love the sea, the beach, bays and harbours... And I really his lat shot - eating by the sea is something I just ADORE!

R said...

Awesome post and I could really connect with it. The sea holds a very special place in my heart too. Love beaches. Nice pics :)

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