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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hello there, howdy? The last week was a hectic one at the work, but in the end I'm happy that it ended on a good note. I feel its really important for all us to clear our heads for a better and more productive life both professionally and personally. Today, I want to share one of the thing that I do in my spare time to clear my head. You might find my thing a rare one, but I guess it works for me :) :)

Ok so here is the thing- I explore good pictures from across the world over the internet. Somehow, I really like exploring new places across the globe, seeing different cultures, and watching different people. It makes me feel really good when I see all those pictures. These pictures change my mood and peak my spirits. Hence, pictures clear my head !!

So, here are few pictures,which I found. I hope you all will also like them and you will be in a better mood after seeing them.

Lamps in Hongkong

Beautiful Ireland

Ipanema- Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Set Cases - Location Unknown

Sao Paulo

Tamara City, Aichi, Japan

Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

Wroclaw, Poland

Temple of Artemis, Jordan

P.S. Click the picture for the enlarged view.



Linhy said...

Love the amazing photos!!!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

love THESE, I think it's great too to visit the world in pictures, never gets old. That Poland one is striking.

Rachella said...

Hi! Long time no see. :)
Thanks for your comment. Love the pics in this post. definitely want to travel a lot in the (near) future.

Vivek Nanda said...

@Linhy, thank you :)

@Caity, thanks..Yes the Wroclaw pictue is amazing.

@Rachella, Yes long time, sorry I was keeping busy. Anyway, thanks for visiting here.

Dusk said...

gasp!! Vivek these are amazing images! Powerful imagery. Thank you!

kitkat said...

lovley pics! its nice to see other parts of the globe we arent familiar with
plz check out my blog when u cn :)

Vivek Nanda said...

@Dusk, thanks to you :)

@Kitkat, hey thanks for visiting here and following me. I'll surely check your blog. Cheers.

Dith said...

Lovely lovely shots!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Loved these even a second time around :)

Vivek Nanda said...

@Dith, thank you :)

@Caity, lol..thats so sweet of you :)

Movies on my Mind said...

Cool shoots man.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

These photos are stunning. They make me want to travel! :)

Vivek Nanda said...

@Movies on...thanks !!

Vivek Nanda said...

@Jennifer, hey thanks...You should travel..Travelling is "the" best thing :)

Lara said...

Amazing pictures...
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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