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Thursday, January 5, 2012


This post is my "ideal time post" meaning I'm writing this post when the traffic of my thoughts is at its best while crossing the barricade of my heart. Though, there is a heavy congestion because of this massive explosion of thoughts but I decided to pick a very generic and useful one.

I realized that lot of us really overvalue ourselves; Overvalue?? I mean even though we haven't achieved something really significant in the life and yet we feel we have conquered the world. Trust me a lot of us suffer from "I'm the best" syndrome. In any case, I'm not against it, after all there is nothing bad in feeling good about thyself, but it is also important to stay grounded. No matter how rich you become or how successful you are, I bet there will be someone better than you, in fact "someone" is an understatement .

I hate to say, but I hate people who are not grounded. They talk and just don't listen to anyone, they order and just can't take a request, and they are too much into their lives. Trust me, it takes nothing to be polite and respectful to the people around you. The bottom-line is- you give respect, you get respect !!

Unfortunately, I've met people who do everything good about themselves except all the bad things with others. The pity is such people are highly qualified well educated lot, yet they just can't treat someone equal to how they treat themselves.

I think all I want to say is- "keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars"

Cheers !!

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Anonymous said...

An excellent and very accurate posting!

Santhosh Kumar said...

You are right vivek.. and yes there are some people who always orders but doesn't requests from the surrounding one's..

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