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Friday, August 23, 2013

Big Data Approach for Software Development

This post of mine was recently published on a German Magazine.

There is a lot of talk happening around the big data world about how new technological capabilities can be a win-win situation for both the firms and the consumers. For firms, depending upon the reliance and fairness, using customers’ behavioral data to meet their needs and achieve valuable, sustainable, long-term relationships—is turning into an increasingly important differentiator in the competitive market. Big data is helping the firms in truly developing a deep understanding of their customers, firms are trying to take complete advantage of it in order to satisfy their customers’ needs and wants in a fashion that meets, if not exceeds, expectations in all major areas such as product experience, quality, service, communication etc. to name a few.

Till now in this post, I’ve given you the glimpse of few of the most significant advantages of big data, and keeping those in mind I would now want to turn your attention to a completely new direction, which would be Software Development. Having worked in Information Technology industry for several years, I always wished to make the software development process as efficient as possible, and it simply doesn’t just end at the development stage, but exists throughout the software’s lifecycle. So, with this post I’m trying to mix two separate concepts into my imaginative and wishful thinking for software development approach.

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