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Monday, April 6, 2015

Broken Hearts

Love Poem

We were consumed in each other,
Until one day things suddenly changed.
The sky above our heads had turned gray.
The light at the end of the tunnel had faded away.

I realized, I am a stranger now.
My little inclusion in her life had turned into an invasion.
Togetherness was forgotten
Love had faded away!

Yet, my heart didn't retaliate.
Instead I became her slave.
Obsession or love, even I couldn't differentiate.
And nothing still mattered,
Because her feelings had faded away.

I was shattered in million pieces,
Yet, I only felt her pain.
I felt so broken,
I kept taking all the blame,
Yet, it didn't matter, 
And we kept drifting away.

We both heard those sounds,
When our hearts clinked apart,
But we failed to listen the explosion,
When our souls fell apart!

We know it is not over,
It will never be.
We are like stars,
Twinkling in the same sky,
But light years apart,
Light years away.


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