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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Techie Bonanza For The COPS

Yes, with India emerging as the biggest Telecommunication Hub and to be estimated as the largest subscribers of GSM and CDMA services in coming times. There is a new feather added to the cap, with Indian Police turning techies with the use of latest scientific gadgets.
Recently, the Haryana Police in Gurgaon was given the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and they are already functioning with the new machines. Soon after Gurgaon cops in north turning sci-fi, there is sound response from south i.e. from Kerala with the news of 40,000 headsets will be given to Kerala Police by BSNL. Much to the COPS pleasure these headsets will be at Rs.100/month rental and within circle calling completely free. So, next time you even try to think to break the law than just think once that you will be caught at next check post :-)
With India zooming with a high growth of internet connections every quarter and turning out to be a fasttrack runner in the internet world has made COPS to jump into the same arena. Kerala Police with the help of BSNL, is going to set up BSNL Broadband services on computers at 436 Police Stations so that the process of logging the complaints will be computerized henceforth.
Its a great news with all these new technology and gadgets being issued to the Police but they will only count worthy enough when they will be used properly and most importantly, in PUBLIC INTEREST. Government also need to make sure, that before even the Police start using these gadgets like GPS etc, there should be proper usage training given to the COPS and specialists assigned to work on the same.
Anyways, KUDOS to the Next Generation COPS and instead of seeing the hitech COPS in Hollywood movies, we see our own DESI COPS in actions on the streets now !!


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