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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Swine Flu(a.k.a. H1N1 Influenza) has recently started spreading like a fire in India and Pune being the epicenter of this Swine Flu wave has taken the number of infected people almost near to 2000. It has created a fear among the people everywhere in the country, which has resulted in a situation of panic in the various locations all across the nation. The rising death toll, the lack of Swine Flu testing labs, the lack of hospitals and medical centers, and with no signs of vaccination being issued soon, the pandemic is already been declared in India and for that matter all across the globe. It’s a high alert situation in India.

Who would have thought that these medical masks will one day become the fashion statement? But it seems like they are the latest trend. Though, a number of doctors are claiming that medical masks are of no use to a normal person still the sales of such masks are on an all time high and they are in the utmost demand at this point of time.

Yet with all the havoc happening around all across due to Swine Flu and with bleak signs of situation being under control soon, there are still numerous positive things happening in and around us. The Swine Flu has done few very good things to the people of our country.

As people are getting aware about the prevention of the Swine Flu, they have understood significantly the importance of a good hygiene. The panic among the people has grafted a very serious demand of good hygiene in an individual’s life. Everybody now wants to be clean and wants to keep things clean. People who were not washing hands even before having a meal are now washing their hands hourly without any reasons. The shops, the offices and the food courts are now taking special care of cleanliness. Special care is taken for the cleanliness at public places; Clean towels, fresh and clean water supply, and soaps are kept at each basin in the public toilets. Undoubtedly, there are few brownie points scored by Indian eco-system as a whole in cleanliness and hygiene departments.

The other thing which has been positively impacted by Swine Flu is Mannerism. People have all of a sudden become more educated in their manners. In comparison to past when while sneezing they were not even hiding their faces away but I can see everybody making a sincere effort to properly cover their mouths while in a public place or even otherwise. Everybody is holding a handkerchief or a piece of cloth around ones own mouth while coughing. All of a sudden everybody is a bit matured and raised level of their manners.

Today more people are working towards their fitness. People have realized that body’s immunity is going to play a major role in fighting a communicable disease like Swine Flu. They are back to their fitness regimes, they are more aware of the advantages of a fit body and are working hard to achieve it. People are trying to change their bad lifestyles. They are already taking the measures to take the Virus like Swine Flu head against their Immune System.

Since, the out broke of this deadly virus government has certainly got its task cut out. It’s a huge challenge for government to shield a country of 100 crore against a pandemics like Swine Flu. Government is already working hard for measures against the virus, the facilities in government hospitals which were far from government’s concern have become the main agenda today. There have been various important steps taken by government to better the services and facilities at various hospitals and medical centers, and it still continues to do by engaging the private hospitals to fight against the virus. In a way this has improved the government medical facilities all across the country.

Let’s hope we all keep on doing the good things in the same way as we are doing it and soon the Virus will be controlled and cleaned up from our land, for that matter all across the globe.


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