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Friday, September 11, 2009


Sometime back I read this very interesting book, named “THE SECRET”. The book is written by Rhonda Byrne. The Secret claims to reveal the most powerful law in the universe. The Secret also claims that with the knowledge of the most powerful law in the universe great men and women at present and in the past, attained glory and accomplishments in their lives. The Secret reveals the natural law that is governing everyone. By applying this law one can change every aspect of his life. The law which I m talking about is the LAW OF ATTRACTION.

They say that the law of attraction is so powerful that an individual can attract anything in his life by properly implementing it. They say this is the secret to prosperity, health, relationships and happiness. This is the secret to life. Rhonda & Co. has launched audio and video prints of the book too and I must confess the movie “The Secret” was really inspiring and influential. But let me just try to give you what “The Secret” has tried to convey, the core message behind “The Secret” or let’s just say, let me try to reveal the secret behind the book, “The Secret”.

The main idea of secret is law of attraction as I have already mentioned so let’s discuss a bit about what is it? They say when an individual wants something or wishes something in life, one has to think about that one thing with utmost passion and feel if this something is going to be one’s own thing soon but the catch is your wish or your demand should be so much intense and pure, along with a little practicality, so that nature attracts that something towards you. They say universe is like a genie, Aladdin’s genie and it works for you in the same way by saying one-thing- “Your Wish is My Command master” and it just brings that thing for you. So, how can one so intensely and passionately attract something in one’s life? Well there are tons of ideas to attain that pure thought of demand to the universe. The book illustrates many examples and one of the core main ideas of the book is that one should always think positive. It says if someone is not happy at job for instance, he will always think about how bad is his job, how bad is the environment, how bad are they paying me, why the hell m I stuck here and many more negative thoughts; hence, it’s a blend of all sorts of negative thoughts, negative vibes and not even a single good peaceful thought afloats our minds. But since we thought in a negative manner and we are only talking negative, our genie, our nature, takes our command and fulfills it in the same manner, the negative manner. As a result, for all the bad thoughts we got more bad thoughts/things we got in return as “Your Wish is Natures Command”. The book illustrates if we think positive and think continuously with passion about the things what we want, those thing will come to us like the way negative things come when we think negative.

I got really influenced by the book and I tried applying this secret. The results were really good, I was able to reach to great motivational levels in my job without even good hikes, due to recession and sometimes because of the corporate politics. I almost gave up all the frustrations I had with the management and reincarnated to a new found enthusiasm. All of a sudden there was a fresh air all across and I felt like working in my first job with full of energy and zealot. I experienced that the positive vibes have really worked and the law of attraction is making me feel happy and in peace at work.

I kept on working and kept on slogging myself with feeling better about myself and yet without monetary gains. One day I realized that some how all these positive vibes, the law of attraction, in me has made me adaptive to the work environment, which I used to think was never conducive as my hard work was never praised but now I was not bothered about it. I worked for self and I worked for myself, which is good as well as bad and when I really tried analyzing it, I realized its actually bad for me as somehow I have compromised to something, which I don’t want. This was the moment of truth for me as a new secret was revealed to me, where until I wont feel really bad about something or I wont feel the discomfort of something, how can I come out of that thing? This new found theory of mine was in clear contradiction to the law of attraction, the positive thing about it and here I was really agrees to the fact that if I keep on thinking positive I may not actually move ahead in life that will give me the unwanted comfort zone, which is actually not making me work out of the bad things. This is why I think sometimes its really important to work against the law of attraction to better your life.


Tania Gaylor said...

Don't work against the law of attraction because sometimes you are tested to really see how committed you are (and how true you are) to being successful. Thinking and acting in a positive way is all good and you really need to focus like a laser-beam on your goal (what you intend to achieve), then you leave it up to the power of the universe (or fate, or god, or whatever you would like to call it), and they will provide in the most miraculous and perfect ways. You just have to be prepared to receive the messages, hunches, intuitive thoughts that come to you and take action. Our natural course of life is to be successful, but along the way we are bombarded with negative influences and beliefs that alter our course and most of the time it is more comfortable to stay on that path than to change. But if you see yourself on a path to an undesirable future, chances are you are on the wrong path (but that is what you are unintentionally seeing for yourself). This is when the law of attraction comes into play because if you can clearly see your desired future - continually playing a vivid movie in your mind - seeing yourself living life with complete contentment, financially secure and full of enjoyment in your chosen occupation, business, family life, relationships...whatever you see (even though it is not a reality yet) then the universe will place opportunities in front of you that will alter your course back to the natural path of being successful. BUT it is up to each individual to be open and accepting for what they need to do and sometimes that means taking risks (nothing that will be harmful to you though), and knowing without a doubt that you will succeed. So stick with the positives and trust yourself (and the universe). The law of attraction consists of Passion, Responsibility, Desire, Vision, Belief, Action, Gratitude & Serving Others. When you incorporate all of those in your life on a daily basis, you will be living by the law of attraction and people, opportunities and rewards will come your way...just hang in there!

Vivek Nanda said...

Thanks for your advise.
I will hang in there :)

Anonymous said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Positive thinking

Anonymous said...

Positive thinking is usually a nice thing, but some people make it instead a set of norms regulating your behavior. They misinterpret positive thinking to mean pleasing others, avoiding critical thinking and especially avoiding any dispute, dissidence or disagreement.

Rendering oneself a harmless easy character will bring some success with social relations but doesn't necessarily bring you what you want.

On the other hand, I don't suggest you to bang your head against a wall, either.

You are already obviously self-confident and generally optimistic - this is apparent after reading some of your posts. Perhaps it's just so that there is no one magic way to success or anywhere. There are many paths. Sometimes the paths change. Go after what attracts you, keep the good things, get rid of the bad things. At confusion, assess and analyze, and if there is still no answer, put it aside and concentrate in something else as sometimes the answer will come later.

Anonymous said...

Good to see a blog about positive thinking.
I agree with anonymous.
The books says have the desire without expectation and desperation.
positive thinking means learn to let go and be thankful.

Vivek Nanda said...

Yeah I agree with both my Anonymous friends, after all i.e. what the real secret is all about.

Thanks for reading the blog with so much interest.

Amit said...

I guess you applied the law in a different mode.

for a guy in a bad job.. it does say that dont think negative like.. how bad is my job.. and how m i ill paid... BUT asks to think positive in a manner like... "I will get paid high in google".. " One day I will slap this manager ". .. " this sucking job is not forever "... I hope last line wont give you the retarding comfort zone and will eventually server the purpose.

Heart Thoughts said...

I too applied 'The Secret' in my life and its working like anything. Thanks to Rhonda Byrne! It changed my life :)

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