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Saturday, September 12, 2009


You might have watched the movie “300” and I m sure you might have liked the movie too. I liked it very much and I liked it not just because of the nice graphics in the movie or not just because of the muscular bodies of the 300 Spartans but because of the few other reasons, which I found really interesting. I think if we pay our attention to those interesting things in the movie, it might just turned out to be a life transforming experience for all of us. So, let me just point out those things one by one but before I do that I request you to see this video called “Glory for the 300 Spartans”(press play to watch the video below) then we will continue to our discussion and my special thanks to MVEGGIA, who is also a 300-SPARTA(Spartans) fan, and he is the one who loaded this video to YOUTUBE.

Nice video, isn’t it? Ok but what all things did you notice in this video, anything?
Ok Spartans, their bodies, their weapons, the lightening, alright you did notice many things but other then that anything else? Let me tell you that there were 5 major qualities of the great 300 Spartans being shown in this video; did you notice them?? If you could make them out it’s great but if you couldn’t then don’t worry because I m going to let you know all of them.

BRAVERY: You should not have any doubt about that after watching this video, isn’t it? How brave were those 300 soldiers who took on enemy’s huge army without anybody’s help. Not once they had a fear of loss and they attacked the enemy with full throttle and zealot. What a display of BRAVE character!!

TEAM WORK & UNITY: You know that they were 300, the team of 300 men, the 300 soldiers together united as one team. They have almost proved the exact meaning of the word “TEAM”, which I reckon is T= Together, E=Everyone, A=Achieves, M=More. Yes, the Spartans showed how as a team it becomes so easy to achieve the unachievable. How easy it is to face your task as a team as every single person performs its own task and contributes to the Team’s victory. Now that is one team which I would love to be a part. Here is one more clipping from the movie which showcases the Spartans as a “TEAM”. I request you to roll this video too.

COURAGE: I believe courage and bravery are inter-related. Courage is one thing which help us or make us do the un-doable and when that undoable is done it’s termed as bravery. That is what exactly being depicted by those 300 warriors in the movie. The courage to challenge the toughest of the opponent’s for the freedom of their people. They say- if people have courage to do something that is more important than doing that thing perfectly as courage is the real character, the real thing in a person. It’s the determination of doing the thing, which one wants to achieve, in spite of unfavorable conditions. I salute the courage of those 300 Spartans.

PASSION: Passion is the essence of doing anything, if one doesn’t have a passion of that thing than one cannot do it. Passions drives you towards the things, which you want to in life. Passion has a strong connection to satisfaction and peace. As an individual do something passionately, he enjoys it and loved to do it and most importantly it brings a lot of satisfaction and peace to his soul. You feel happy about doing it. The Spartans had the passion of victory, the passion to defeat their enemies so each battle won brought them satisfaction and peace, and to do better in the next. It gives birth to that drive, which inspires one to pursue something with heart.

SELF-BELIEF & FOCUS: It’s very necessary for an individual to have a strong focus to do anything and most importantly, the self-belief that one can do that task. The video showed the Spartan’s were focused at their goal and they had a strong self-belief that they can win the battle. The self-belief gave them so much confidence that they focused on just one thing called Victory i.e. what focus and self-belief can do to a person. They can make a person achieve the goal and motivates the person to do the undoable.

These were the 5 things, which Spartans have pointed out and that’s the character one should ideally have. The 300 Spartans inspires us to be BRAVE, to be COURAGEOUS, to work as a TEAM, to work with PASSION, and to work with full SELF-BELIEF and FOCUS towards the goals and dreams of our lives. If we do it then I m sure we will achieve whatever we want in our life.


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