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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Today the world celebrated the 140th birth anniversary of one of the greatest leaders of the world, known by the name of "Mahatma Gandhi". The word Mahatma is made up of two parts: "Maha" and "Atma". The word "Maha" means "Great" and synonymous to "Maharishi" meaning "Great Sage" in Hindi and Sanskrit languages. The word "Atma" means "Self" or "Soul". In Hindi and Sanskrit this word is used as "Atma-Jnana" meaning knowing or knowledge of the "Self" or "Atma-Svarup", which is the essential nature of the self. Atma is the true self, as opposed to one's body, individuality and personality. This is exactly why Mr.Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is called as "Mahatma Gandhi".

Truly speaking, I haven't been a Gandhi Fan for most part of my life until I really understood this great personality and his impact on the whole world, I was really confused with the term called "Peacemakers" throughout my life and I was always of the belief that there is hardly any concept like this and probably I never witnessed the need of such people. But as I grew and understood the people and the society around me, I came across the most important and terrifying word- "TERRORISM". Especially, when I m spending my life in a country, where terrorist activities have always impacted the daily life of my country-men and where the people almost daily come over the fear of the terrorist attack which has last happened and still continue to live a normal life. All this has made me think about how can we reach a world free of "Terrorists" and full of "Peaceful Life".

I remember, the 9/11 attack on America was one event which I saw on the television soon after it happened and I was so shocked with that it became an eye-opener to me, and i.e. at that time I began searching for PEACE. Before 9/11, there were many such terrorist incidents in India but they never actually impacted me so strongly as did the 9/11. I dont know why it had such a great impact on me, may be I started understanding what is terrorism and I started valuing peace. Then followed by the bomb blasts in London, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad all made me realize the importance of peace and the people who influence the world peace. Soon, after all those events I started looking for the "Peacemakers". One name which came to my mind instantly was no other than "Mahatma Gandhi".

This frail, non-political leader with barely any possesions released India from the occupancy of history' most powerful nation using non-violent resistance and forgiveness. Non-violent and loving end to conflict wasn't his only platform. Gandhi was also a seeker of truths. Truly one of the most remarkable men to ever live. I hate myself for not knowing Mahatma Gandhi's real character for all those years when I was just ignoring him and his impact over the world. I know there are still few young Indians who blame Mahatma Gandhi for the partition of India and Pakistan, which is completely wrong but I still dont understand how can they underestimate his efforts for the freedom of India.

I have not followed Gandhi in my whole life still I have so much respect for him and his true character, which had done so much for the people of India. Today, when whole world is in such a bad condition and where terrorism, discrimination and racism have become a hard truths of our society, I miss people like the great "Mahatma Gandhi", who had that super calming effect on the world, and who spread the peace around the world for the welfare and well being of mankind. I wish Mahatma Gandhi to reincarnate in present world to help us and to guide us all towards the lost PEACE. We surely need a Gandhi to have that peaceful and truthful effect on us. I truly miss him.


Suryatapa said...

Both of our idea about Gandhi...and his impact as well have developed you said....but it's never too late for a good thing, right.....anyways....great read....liked your writing..

Vivek Nanda said...

Dear Suryatapa, You have rightly said we might have realized a bit late in our lives but now its high time to implement and promote GANDHISM. NON VIOLENCE & PEACE is utmost important in the world today. Thanks for reading the post and sharing your views.

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