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Friday, October 9, 2009


I have worked with the people of both countries-India and USA, and after spending some time in USA I have great regards and few keen observations about the unique American culture. I observed few really interesting characteristics among the both Indians and the Americans, which actually triggered me to write this post. I m really amazed with the fact that how the people are bonded to their cultures across the boundaries and how there is a subtle change in the mind-sets across the different geographies. What I m trying to showcase through this post is how few characteristics of two different cultures are better than the other or lets say 8 things which Americans do it uniquely and Indians should learn from them, and then the other way round, those things which Indians do it uniquely and Americans should learn from them.

THE CAREFREE AMERICANS Vs THE WORRISOME INDIANS: I have no doubt whatsoever about the Americans having the attitude, which is carefree and relaxed; they don’t live with the unwanted and the unnecessary tensions in their minds as the Indians live with. Indians have a tendency to always worry for one or the other thing sometimes it’s about the family, work, girlfriend or money etc. I don’t mean that Americans don’t worry about those things but the point is when they are on a vacations they are going to enjoy the vacations with friends or family rather than worrying about any of those things but Indians are opposite to that even if they are on a vacations they might be talking about the same worries. Indians really don’t live for the moment, they go in their shell and don’t enjoy the life the way Americans do.

THE SUPER SAVER INDIANS Vs THE EASY SPENDING AMERICANS: Indians have the effect of their worrisome attitude over their spendings too, which actually become their boon as they tend to save a lot through out their lives. Indians are very good planners in terms of financial spending, they hardly lose a penny unwontedly. In general an Indian starts saving money for ones own purpose and for it’s family from a very early age. Since, India is a country where parents stay with their children, parents make sure they are saving every possible penny for the better future of their wards. In most of the cases, the whole family lives in the same family home and even after the marriage of the children they will stay in their parent’s home. On the other hand, the Americans are a bit different. They are less concerned about the future as compared to the Indians, and the Americans believe in living for the moment as a result they end up spending more comparatively.

THE BOLD AMERICAN PROFESSIONALS Vs THE COMPROMISING INDIAN PROFESSIONALS: The American professionals are truly a serious professionals, most of them are very punctual and they are always on time but the Indians are most of the time late. Indians are unpunctual and are a severe victim of procrastination. Most of the Americans are into those jobs, which they really like but the Indians are mostly in the jobs just for the sake of earning rather than any interest or desire to work. One more reason is Americans are more content with whatever they are doing, which is exactly opposite to the Indians. Indians can work for several hours, days and nights, going beyond their work hours but the Americans strike a perfect balance between the work life and the personal life. Indians are almost ready to compromise anything and everything for their job by giving low priority to the personal lives. Probably, this is one reason why so much has been outsourced to India, after all we have the workforce, which can be easily exploited on low salaries but it will wrong to blame the Indians as the competition is so intense that they are almost forced to save their jobs by making personal sacrifices.

THE ADAPTABLE INDIANS Vs THE RIGID AMERICANS: The Indians are very adaptable to all sorts of conditions as compared to the Americans. The Indians realize there is a difference between their self (who they are) and their behavior (how they choose to act). By any means I don’t intend to say that Americans are not adaptable but comparatively Indians are more adaptable. They simply change their behavior. Adaptable people consciously decide whether and how to respond to a person, a situation, or an event. Less adaptable people, on the other hand, respond in a more habitual manner, regardless of whether the response is likely to be appropriate or effective. The Americans are a bit picky or choosy about what they want and what they want to do especially when its about their lifestyles or work.

THE SELF-DEPENDENT AMERICANS Vs THE CONFUSED INDIANS: The Americans are very self dependent as they grow up they move out of their parents house and start living on their own, which certainly is a great characteristic of American culture as it really makes one a self dependent candidate for life. Comparatively, Indians are helped by their parents a lot to settle in their life until they are ready to do everything by their own. There is an immense support from parents for their children in the Indian society, which I feel sometimes hampers the self-dependent thing.

THE HARDWORKING INDIAN STUDENTS Vs THE PARTY-GOING AMERICAN STUDENTS: On being the second highest populated country in the world has made the Indian students highly competitive and hardworking. There are few seats in good management institutes or engineering colleges in comparison to the number of candidates applying for them. So, that results in an intense competitive education system forcing Indian students to work really harder. Comparatively, Americans live a easy life and enjoy their education periods with a lot of parties and stuff.

THE PASSIONATE AMERICANS Vs THE BORING INDIANS: Americans have a very special trait in them i.e. to follow one’s passion to the core. An American believes in doing something or the other, which he feels really excites him but as Indians give lots of time to their jobs and studies, they (Indians) hardly pursue anything of such a kind. Americans when they join the university their electives are totally based on their interests but Indians are driven by either their parents or doing the same as everyone else is doing. Americans generally take up only those professions, which they really enjoy but Indians do it just for the sake of earning. Ironically, few Indians spend their whole life thinking what they actually want in life. The Americans enjoy their life to the fullest but Indians live a rather boring life comparatively.

THE INDIAN FAMILY Vs THE AMERICAN FAMILY: Generally, an Indian family is strongly bonded, they mostly stay together in the same house and follow certain rules as per their cultures, like touching the feet of the elder people while greeting them, helping their parents in the best possible way and after marriage the wife makes sure for looking after the in-law’s. Every member of the family is very emotionally attached and they live a happy life together. In America, the families are not as closely bonded with each other. Mostly, the adult children of the family don’t stay with their parents and they visit each others house not so frequently. Though, Americans cares a lot about their families but not like the way Indians stay together.


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