The Very Special People


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I always liked the Rain; there is a feeling of freshness associated to it. The transition of the sky from the bright color to the dark and grey colors is so much heart smoothening. There is a certain mood swing, which occurs in everyone who witnesses the coming rain. There is a buzz in whole environment just before it’s about to pour. The trees, the grass, and the soil, all seem to be shaking in the nature’s fury as if they have being spelled to the voodoo.

What makes it all special is the impact of rain on all of us. I always feel there is a strong connection between the rain and the human beings. I believe there is a sudden excitement about the situation when it’s about to rain. Everyone one of us has some or the other reaction on seeing the grey sky, few of us get into some kind of hurry of reaching to some place, others get into tensions of cancellation of their plans but most of us feel so rejoiced that we feel ourselves taking a plunge into the ocean of joy and excitement. Yes, most of us get into a mood of happiness and that is the true effect of the coming rain.

I have the same beautiful effect on seeing the rain. I may be in the most stressed or in the most emotionally demolished mood of my life but on seeing a droplet of rain falling on the ground changes my whole mood. Especially, the smell of the earth’s soil when the first rain occurs is so good and a true indication of the earth losing its heat and gaining the fresh life.

The buzz is created by the environment and by all of us, when it’s about to pour. The trees and the grasses while shaking in the air make a different sound to welcome the rain, the zooming pleasant sound and they give an excellent fluorescence when the first drop of rain falls on them, a special sight to notice. The doors and the windows bang themselves to gain our attention and let us know that it’s about to rain. The wind blows with the grey clouds floating in the beautiful rainy sky. The whole environment in the locality becomes so chirpy that everyone is just talking about the rain. The children start running either to their homes or to their friend’s place so that they can enjoy the rain in a manner suited to them. The ladies at the homes start taking off the wet clothes hanging in the sunlight for drying. The hawkers on the streets are in a hurry to reach to a shelter. The Traffic Police is taking out their rain-coats so that they can wear them when it rains. People who are at office do not miss the celebration too, they just start seeing outside for a while from the window of their office and to make their whole experience even more better, they will have their favorite cup of coffee or tea to sip with their amazing moods. The elders at the gardens and lawns hit a tea party with some oily snacks along with their mates, yet another way of celebrating the rain.

Finally, when it rains and everybody wants to be exactly at that place, where they are at the time of rain as if everyone has got an excuse to stop and to stay. Everyone enjoys the rain with one’s own style but all have one thing in common among them i.e. the excitement of rain, which has made their mood so jubilant and happy in whatever they are doing and that is the real magic of it.


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