The Very Special People


Sunday, November 8, 2009


Happy or Sad, we live it.
Good or Bad, we accept it.
Success or Failure, we work it.
Yes, that's Life.

Just when we want to do something, there are questions poping out.
Just when we want something, there are no options available.
Just when we see everything good, there are problems.
Entangled but that's Life.

Sometimes, we value something so much in life,
yet we suffer the dilemma of selecting the right.
Sometimes, we know something matters so much to us,
yet we cannot do it right.
Sometimes, we want something so important in life,
yet we cannot find it out.
Confused but that's Life.

Complex and complicated, Yes that's Life.
Yet the people who cracked it were never so fright.
They were no spare to Life and had to face the same questions in Life
Yet they handled it well even on the tip of knife.

Life is a fight and never giving up is only right.
Just forget the negative vibes.
The situation is never right but you have to find out the light.
After all, the struggle is what we call as Life !!


Anonymous said...

The poem is quite appealing...
Best wishes..

Vivek Nanda said...

Thanks my dear friend, i appreciate it !!

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