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Saturday, November 7, 2009


It’s a well known saying that “Life is a learning curve” and perhaps today, I totally understand the complete meaning behind it. Well, if life would have been straight forward and simple then everyone would have been living in the same manner, the ordinary way and probably, there would not have been anything special about it but certainly i.e. not the case et al. If by chance Life would have been considered straight forward then all of us have learnt the same things without any special efforts and those things might not have been as valuable to us as they are today. One thing is for sure, if Life’s journey would have been considered straight forward and simple, one would have easily completed it with the blindfolded eyes but certainly it’s not.

Having said that “Life is NOT straight forward”, I meant that it is a bag full of twists and turns, where we might sometime just take a wrong step outside our correct assigned path but we learn to get back on the right track again and again after each failure or bad thing happen to us in our lives. The beauty of this whole cycle called Life is that all of us fumble from our correct assigned paths but what is so special about it is that i.e. exactly when we learn to fight back and work ourselves back on the right track. Yes, we all struggle and we keep on doing it until we get back to the correct paths but among all the people who are struggling few decide to give up and settle for what they have got and they put full stop to their life’s growths, which I consider not to be an ideal way of living the life. Au contraire, there are people who have just kept on fighting back again and again after every failure and kept on chasing the dreams of their lives until they achieved them. Yes, that is probably is the main difference between a person who is successful and a person who is not successful.

So, it’s a very basic and simple rule of life that we may have hindrances and troubles in life but we should learn from them and we should always show willingness to learn whatever we might have failed at; the thing is if we keep on learning from our mistakes, we keep on reaching to what we actually want in life and i.e. why its very correct to say that “Life is a learning curve”.


Anonymous said...

yes vivek...u have said this so simply but this is very true...v learn every minute of our life.
nice post.

Vivek Nanda said...

Thanks Suchitra for reading the post with so much interest. Yes, we should all keep on learning from our experiences.

Joya said...

So nice of you to help us hold on to our dreams even when the learning curve get a little bit to curvy. Thanks. Could that brillant mind and pen of yours come up with a post about how to make the learning curve fun ? And what do I do when my enthousiasm, my passion and my impatience wanna make me go faster then I can handle ? Will I miss a curve and crash ? How can I avoid this ?

Vivek Nanda said...

Sure Joya, its a good idea for a new post :)

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