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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Sometimes you just want to quietly surf through all the unconventional things on the internet, and I just experienced that walk in the forest of bloggers on the internet. Trust me bloggers and their pictures are still considered to be unconventional, but yet different :). So, here are the collection of few pictures from the world of bloggers on the internet that were unconventional, interesting and spreading a message. Since, each picture depicts an expression related to a blogger, I decided to name this post as "EXPRESSIONS OF BLOGGERS".

Yes, We Want People To Click To Our Blog ;)

How about this book for a Beginner?

I found a lot of Fashion Bloggers around the world.

Attitude Of A Blogger

This photo is for the readers and the followers of the blogs.

Blogger Conferences & Blogger Awards, very happening nowadays :)

Something for the Media to think Over, its not just for US Media!!

Finally, something for the critics ;)

Its a free world, express yourself !!

P.S. This post is dedicated to all the readers, all the bloggers, all the people who love bloggers and to all the people who hate bloggers ;). In the true spirit of the internet revolution,Cheers!! Its a free world, do what you want !! 


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