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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Ralph Marston is an author and a publisher of The Daily Motivator, one of the Internet's most popular and classy destinations for original positive motivation and inspiration. Since 1996, Ralph has published a new, original, positive message everyday without missing a single publication day, but one day when he was upset with his own commitment level, he wrote a small note about Commitment. Supposedly, he used to read that note daily to keep his focus towards what he called as the "real commitment".

Ralph is an amazing author, and his words of wisdom have been quoted many a times on thousands of websites, in e-books, magazines, newspapers and publications. From the treasure of his very own secret motivational notes, I would want to share this special note he wrote about commitment. I would suggest you to read each and every line of this short note with deep intent to co-relate with yourself, imagine your goals with laser focus commitment, and implement what Ralph mentioned about commitment after developing a deep understanding of it.
So, here it is- 
True commitment is serious and it is powerful.  Commitment is not just saying you'll do it. Commitment is doing it. True Commitment is not conditional, for to be committed means to be absolutely committed.
Commitment is more than doing just what is convenient or comfortable. Commitment is doing what is necessary. Commitment is making the sacrifices and the tradeoffs that are required to uphold it.  Commitment is more than just wishing for the right conditions. Commitment is working with what you have.

Commitment is not easy. Commitment does not back down or run away at the first sign of trouble. Commitment perseveres until the goal is reached. Commitment does not waste time and effort whining or complaining or seeking to find blame. Commitment adjusts to reality and moves forward. Too many people have been deceived for too long, and have come to expect that they can know fulfillment without the gritty effort of commitment. They are sadly mistaken. Real, solid commitment is real work. And well worth it.
The evidence is overwhelming -- it gets results like nothing else can.
 --Ralph Marston 

I’m glad that I found this very special note and I shared with you all to spread this very special meaning of the real commitment, and finally I would convey my special thanks to Ralph for this very special note. Thank You Ralph :).


Amit said...

So many comments on Kites review and not a single on "commitment".

Nice words.. m taking these for my blog too..

Vivek Nanda said...

Thanks the harsh reality :)
Ok Go & Have them, spread the word !!

Anonymous said...

Dear Vivek:

Kites has all in it, but what is missing is COMMITMENT.tAKE THIS SERIOUSLY AND EXPLAIN.But what is the status as of now of Kites overseas and India? Any chance of picking up later?KVRaman

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