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Sunday, May 9, 2010


I have been hearing the quote- “Health Is Wealth” since childhood and now when I m earning, I literally understand it. Just imagine a day in your life when you are not feeling well, you almost cannot do anything properly as you are physically not fit. As a result you forcefully have to take an off from your work and literally that means you are going to lose your pay or business for that day. Moreover, there are medical expanses that follow, and unless you don’t have a medical coverage the situation will create a big hole in your pocket through which the cash will go out uncontrollably.

Since all across the world the medical expanses are so high that they are almost impossible for an individual to sustain without a proper health insurance. Now by definition health insurance is – an insurance that pays for medical expenses. It is sometimes broadly include insurance covering disability or long-term nursing or custodial care needs. It may be provided through a government-sponsored social insurance program, or from private insurance companies, but the real problem occurs when you are neither covered for medical insurance by your employer nor by your government, and that is the situation where one thinks- if I get ill, it will take years for me to recover from it because even though the physical recovery from a disease or an injury might take very less time but the financial losses could be terrible that may cause financial crunch for some good amount of time. Just imagine yourself living life with such a stress of financial fear, you almost every single second think of not getting sick but otherwise you are kind of already sick of this insecurity. So, you decide to go out of your shell and think of getting your health insurance done, but then you again get into the dilemma of selecting the right affordable health insurance, isn’t it?

Picking up the best health insurance policy is even trickier but once you get it right the life is easier and better. Two very basic types of health insurances are- HMO and PPO. HMO is called Health Maintenance Organization, it is the most inexpensive of the plans, but there are limits as to the doctors you can see and those who participate. Costs are less but so are choices. Referrals are required to see specialists. HMOs tend to focus on preventive care to help keep the members healthy. PPO is called Preferred Provider Organization, plans offer more choices and do not require referrals within a select group. Finding a low cost health insurance is simpler than most people think. When you are looking for a low-priced insurance, you want the lowest price annually that will match your pocket, naturally. You surely don’t want an unaffordable costly insurance policy.

The internet has made our lives very easy, and finding a perfect health insurance plan is very simple now. You can easily search for the free health insurance quotes on the internet, but you don’t want to go with just any company. If you are looking for the best health insurance, you’ve to go to the right place, and, in just a few mouse clicks, you can find an online health insurance plan, but again its easier said then done. We all need references to the best links and here is one of them that I found useful- America-Health-Insurance, its pretty much what we all need. Remember, health insurances are no big puzzles but you need to find the best, so better find it soon and please keep your health first.


Linda said...

Health is the general condition of a person in all aspects. So keeping the health fit and fine.

Vivek Nanda said...

Yes, absolutely correct Linda. Thanks for visiting :)

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