The Very Special People


Monday, May 10, 2010


When I opened my eyes, you were the first I saw.
When I moved my hands, you were the first to hold them.
When I cried from hunger, only you would understand.

When I spoke my first words, you smiled with tears in your eyes.
When I took my first step, you cried in joy.
When you would be with me, I would never feel lonely.

You would help me dress for school everyday,
You would pack my lunch daily.
You would pray for me each day.
You would help me in my homework everyday.
You would give me the best meals daily.

Whenever I was sad, you would come to me.
Whenever I was disappointed, you would encourage me.
When I went to the residential school, you would send so many things to me.
You would send me letters regularly, you would miss me daily.

When I had my college exams, you would give me the comfortable environment.
You would do the dishes quietly, you wouldn’t let anybody watch TV.
When I went for work, you would always bless me.
Whenever I called you, you would talk short to save me money.

Before I could utter a word, you would understand.
Before I could ask anything, you would get it for me.
You would do all the sacrifices for me.
You would be happy to see me happy.
O mother you have done everything for me.

Thank you for always guiding me mom,
Thank you for always being there for me.
Now I understand the real meaning of the motherhood.
If there is God on the earth, it could be only you my dear mom.
Thank you for everything mom.

P.S. Thanks to BlogAdda for a contest that made me write this very special poem for my mom. I thought about it many times but this is the first time I have actually written something for my sweet mom. 
It was a special day and It became all the very much special today morning when I set my hello-tune with the song meri maa..mumma (Dasvidaniyan movie) for my mom. I told her to call me and she felt so delighted to hear that song. I felt equally happy to see my mother. Please do express your love for your loved ones, life is short. Every mother loves her children but that doesn't mean we should take her for granted, instead make her feel special the way she has been treating you since your birth. The mother is so special, so please make her feel special.


Geeta said...

wonderful flow of feelings..

emotional read
All the best for the contest

Vivek Nanda said...

Thank you very much Geeta, yes its a bit emotional, but these are the true feeling, can't help :).
Thanks for visiting my space.

Shilpa said...

Very emotional post :)

shweta said...

very touchy....i must say.............hv no words to comment actuly

Vivek Nanda said...

Thanks Shilpa and Shweta for visiting my space, and thank you very much for your compliments. Yes, the poem is a little emotional but it is pure feelings.

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