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Monday, November 2, 2009


I wonder, how difficult could be a situation when the mind remembers everything permanently whatever it sees. I don't know how it would have dealt with a situation like this where whatever we see in a whole day is saved like a Xerox copy in the mind. I know many people will argue that this is probably the best thing, which could happen to us but I think the volatile nature of mind would rather be considered the biggest gift to human beings. You may be wondering how an ability to remember all the things be bad to us? Well, the whole point is I m not only talking about the ability of mind to distinguish people or things from one another but also its special quality to remember our relations, friends and colleagues. Yes, this is truly a unique quality of our minds, which always help us remember all the people we actually know but forget the ones whom we haven't met or talked and we don't bother about them such as a stranger, whom we might have met in the shopping mall.

Probably, now you may be in a dilemma, which would have made you think again that what is so special about this quality of mind. Obviously, that is the sole fundamental on which a mind functions but what is so special about its "Volatile Nature"? Well, few days ago I also used to think in the same way but then I realized onething very different and I think this is the very reason that makes the Volatility of Mind so very much special. Ok, now lets cut the suspense short and think about a situation. The situation is you are madly and deeply in love with a person and the bad luck is- the person you love so much is cheating on you or lets say that person does not love you et al. So, what will be the normal reaction you have? I m sure you will feel hurt and you may be depressed about the whole situation, and if worst, you may go into depression and keep on thinking about that person but there is a solution to it and we all know how the solution works, its simple we try and convince ourselves that the person we love doesn't deserve our love and we try to convince ourselves that the person whom we loved so much doesn't matter to us anymore.

Once you have convinced yourself or lets say your mind and soon it triggers the real magic of its Volatile Nature, and soon after few days you will realize that you dont even remember that person or don't even bothered to think anything about that person. Yes, that healing up, which resulted from the mind's very own volatility is the most precious feature of human mind. I think due to volatility of mind, we all are able to overcome any mental road block and just flush out everything, which may hinder a person emotionally and mentally. The power to NOT remember is certainly a unique gift, the most unique creation of human mind. Indeed, I have no doubt that beyond intelligence we have a special gift in the form of our "Volatile Mind".


Julia 'So Thankful' said...

Hmm, it's funny, but I actually think I read an article in the topic, where they said out minds do indeed remember everything that we see/hear/etc. And then, when and if one needs some certain info, he/she can recreate it... Now, it's the ability to recreate information is what truly is an art to most human beings and, according to the artcile, it's what people usually reffer to as "good" or "bad" memory.

Vivek Nanda said...

Dear Julia, I think whatever you said is correct but with limitations as I gave an example in my post that how is it that we don't remember a stranger who we saw in the shopping mall one day.Ok lets just say until we convince ourself with something, which made an impact of some sorts on us when we witnessed it, be it sound,visual,person etc, the memory doesn't even remember it. Now that impact could be good or bad and that creates "good" or "bad" memory as you mentioned but now once you convince your mind that bad is what I don't want to remember then the impact of bad memory starts erasing, and soon you will feel good and realize you have overcome that bad thing. This is exactly how it helps us better emotionally and mentally. Hope I made some sense now.

Julia 'So Thankful' said...

It's a controversial topic, I wanted to share the info I read somewhere (too bad I don't seem to remember/recreate where I got it from ha)

Vivek Nanda said...

Yes, you are right but the sole point is for our mind to remember anything it should feel the impact good or bad.

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