The Very Special People


Friday, February 4, 2011


Today it’s a little hazy
The heart is going a little crazy
Few things from the past are pondering
Some special moments, few special people
Breeze of memories, departed glimpses
Hurly-burly emotions…..

It feels to go back
Back in the time, back to those unforgiven moments
Unmistaken that amazing friendship
Revitalize, the lost relevance
To comfort, to pester, to sit beside…..

Brooding over that unmatched fascination
Remembering those childish hassles
Recollecting those idle squanders
I’m glaring the lucid past
Anticipating it to come back
Hoping for us to come back…..

3 comments: said...

Only if ... !

Healthy pondering and then back to reality, right? :)

Romeo Das said...

Really beautifully written and expressed. Indeed we want some days to come back to our life again and wish if only we could turn back time.

By the way, hope you enjoy reading my post too - To hold you in my arms, to promise you my love!

Anonymous said...

time and tide wait for none

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