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Monday, February 14, 2011


In the mountains under the moon
In the mist when it was gloom
I perceived a blurry image, I saw that shadow again…

Sometimes so near,
Sometimes when I was almost there,
It just concealed, I was baffled…

Like catching the water with the hand
I had nothing, but an empty jar
I was so near, yet so far...

One day, I saw you
We just crossed
Without any babble,
Without any talk…

We met again,
But this time we tattled
We walked away,
But our hearts were skittled…

Overwhelmed with happiness
I was amazed with what has happened
Out of nowhere a miracle had happened
For me somehow you happened…

We met, nobody wanted us to meet
We met, no one asked us to meet
We met, none thought we’ll meet
Still we met, we were destined to meet…

It was mesmerizing,
it was magnetic
I could only think you,
I would only spend time with you…

That night, I had a dream
I was in the mountains under the moon
In the mist when it was gloom
I saw the shadow again…

I quickly moved towards it
As I got closer, the picture got clearer
This time it wasn’t eluding
I kept getting closer…

I saw a lady,
Facing her back towards me
I touched her, she turned
And it was you…

You said you were waiting for me
Why I took so much time to come?
You held my hand and we walked away in the starry night…

It was you all along,
The blurry picture got cleared
It was you always
It’s you, only you…

You are the only one for me
You could only complete me
You are the best I could have
Only you…


Dedicated to my loving wife, Happy Valentines honey!!
My Wife & I :)

Wish You And Your Loved Ones A Very Happy Valentine's Day

6 comments: said...

A Very Happy Valentine's Day to you both!!! Beautiful words and a beautiful pictures! :) You guys make a cute pair.

Miss Caitlin S. said...

aw, so cute! I had no idea you were married- what a sweet post to her!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Awwww how sweet!! This is a beautiful poem. Your wife is a lucky lady to have such a loving and talented husband! And it seems YOU are quite lucky as well because your wife is so pretty! ;)

Vivek Nanda said...

@Tanvi, thanks dear hope you had a really good one.

@Caity, thanks a ton :). . .Yes, I'm married.

@Jennifer, thank you so much. Yes, I'm really lucky :)

Cadbury Girl said...

really really sweet :)

Vivek Nanda said...

@Cadbury Girl, thank you for visiting here and reading the post. Cheers :)

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