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Friday, May 27, 2011


Great video ... a friend of mine sent me a link to this video.

From the western countries point of view, this video offers an interesting perspective on marriage. Perhaps, the western countries can discover a whole new theory from our India. A little tradition can go a long way towards creating stability in a culture ... perhaps :-)

Though, the figures in the video are a bit of an exaggeration. These days not 90% of the marriages in India are arranged marriages, the correct figure would be around 65-70%, and the divorce percentage is also around 10-12%.

Eventually this gives the clear idea about 'arranged marriage' to the outer world  :)

PS. I had my love marriage arranged :), my parents met my girlfriend and they liked her too, and we got married.


Tanvi said...

Great Post! Loved the video. Such a true picture! :)

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Cristiano Ferronato said...

For the Brazilian people is really difficult to understand these traditions, but this is explained as Brazil compared to India is a child. We just did 500 years of discovery by the Portuguese and India has ancient traditions. This beautiful culture was presented to the Brazilians in a soap opera on TV called The Way of the Indies. We were in love with the colors dances with the beauty of the culture of India. The subject of arranged marriage was the main theme of the plot. We watched it and thought it absurd how the poor girl can be forced to marry a man she does not love. But we forget that in Brazil it was a usual practice in colonial perĂ­dos 1500-1822 and later in the Imperial Regime 1822-1889. In the Brazilian Northeast such customs are still practiced. A proof that despite our distance from our cultural differences and our historic infancy when compared to India, we have something in common besides our joy and will to live. I am very happy that today my country ever closer to countries like India, South Africa among others and they see more in search of a Europe that does not want us to be mestizos.

Dusk said...

My friend... this is a very interesting post.

I will need to come back to this because I have alot to say just not enough time to say it in... I'm trying to visit my favourite blogs and leave comments because I have been told my usual habit of reading without leaving comments makes me a selfish blogger :(... and I'm not selfish, I am a very appreciative reader of the blogs I follow. I like to be able to give my full attention to the words you share...

I will be back Vivek. It is after midnight here now and I need to be at work by 8:30am! So I must sleep!

ps. even though my parents were quite traditional they accepted that even though I was respectful I wasn't traditional and I was far too headstrong... so an arranged marriage would not have worked for me. My father actually said no to suitor families!

Shruti said...

Nice video and you are lucky to have had your love marriage arranged.

Anis Khan said...

Before I got married, I met wife who had joined my company a week ago. I chatted with her once during lunch hour when I did not go out for lunch and felt that she had the same values as of mine, especially family values. I was somewhat inclined to marry her, but did not make up my mind. I chatted with her on another occasion during the lunch hour and proposed her for marriage. I said, ‘I am not in love with you, but I want to marry someone like you, in fact you.’ It shocked her. She left the decision on her parents. Things worked out at family levels too after initial opposition due to different castes (yes, Muslims in Indian subcontinent are also affected by the caste system. It was less scandalous because the caste hierarchy wasn’t an issue!) When I shared my line of proposal to two group of women, once with my colleagues and another time in a short course class in UK, they were shocked. They could not believe a man could say such a thing, and a woman would marry him after he says this. In UK, the women had the same strange view of arranged marriages and said how can people marry without falling in love. I said if the values of two people match, they naturally fall in love, and I did after my engagement and before my marriage. There is no other option. But, without values, there might be initial fascination which leads to surprises in the future.' I said to them, In India divorce rate is very low and that shows that most of the arranged marriages work.’ They argued, ‘But, are they happy?’ (meaning not seeking divorce but tolerating a bad partner). I said, ‘That’s a different question. You might guess that stable marriages and less divorce rate mean that some couples are still unhappy but don’t seek divorce, however, high divorce rate certainly means unhappy marriages.’

Indian Divorce said...

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