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Thursday, May 26, 2011


With my eyes shut and body lying on the bed I felt I heard something. I’m still hearing it, but I could not make out what it is. I tried to open my dosed eyes and I saw the light coming from the adjacent room. At once my mind could not figure out why is it so? Despite the great laziness my mind still forces me to check what it is. While I was trying to pull my body off the bed I saw a blurry image of a lady dressed in her sports gear with a bag hanging across her body from her right shoulder to the left side of her waist. She waves to me, I realize who it is and automatically my eyes shut again…ZzZzzz

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart   ~ Helen Keller

Again, I heard something. This time it’s a little loud, I recognize somebody calling my name, then there are tremors, I realize it’s my body, somebody is shaking it. I try to open my eyes with huge difficulty as slowly as possible and I see a lady passing me over a cup of tea. Now I sip in some tea and before I could open my mouth, she says- “the newspaper is on the table”. I turn to my right, pick up the newspaper and start getting back to my complete senses. As I sip through my tea, I feel so happy not just because the tea is simply perfect but also because she is sitting along with me while having her egg-whites with oats and milk. I try to read the newspaper but I see her face and it is glowing like the sunshine, I don’t know why but I assume it as a post work out effect. I read my newspaper and she continues with her breakfast, we talk about few things that are there in the newspaper.

As soon as I leave for the bathroom, she leaves for the kitchen. While I’m in the bathroom, I could hear the sound of the utensils. When I come out of the bathroom after taking bath, she is still in the kitchen, but within a flash I see her in front of my eyes handing me over my breakfast. I say- thank you and she smiles and rushes back to kitchen again. I see her tasting the food she prepared and making sure everything is perfect. Then I see her, putting everything in storage utensils. After that she comes to me and says- today’s dinner is ready. I smile and say to her- fantastic, you rock !!

Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift.
          ~ Albert Einstein 

Then she starts getting ready for her office. Before I could realize she transforms into her new avatar. In the span of couple of hours, I have witnessed her transforming from being a fitness freak, who went for the exercise, to a housewife, who cooked the food, and then from a housewife to a smart working woman, who is all set to leave for the office in her formals. I see towards her and say- SuperWoman!! She smiles and picks her laptop bag indicating we are set to leave now.

Next, 9.5 hours she is busy in her job, but still she calls me at least once. She will ask me if I had my lunch and I realize she is more worried for my lunch as she doesn’t cook it for me. She asks me if the food was alright and I’ll ask the same to her. We talk about our day, how is it going and meanwhile, I could still feel that zeal and extra energy in her while she is at work. Awesome!! In real amazement I say to myself- she is doing great at her work too.

Beauty... is the shadow of God on the universe. ~ Gabriela Mistral

I admire her capability to juggle so many roles at once. She fits so well in everything she does. She is indeed a SUPERWOMAN, simply sublime. For me out of all aspects other than her physical appearance, the real beauty is in her attitude and in her enormous capability to transform at will. The woman who is married, who is working, who has a family and who believes in keeping herself fit.      
To me she is the symbol of love, an inspiration, a powerhouse and the most beautiful woman in the world. 

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Prathima gangadhar said...

aww simply superb loved it :)

Asta said... sweet..i love this post!

Asta said...

btw..the link to vote you is not working.

Swati said...

nice post on the working woman.
Its matches very much on my morning schedule (except for the daily workout )
I really agree that women are good in multiprocessing.. :)
Do post the direct link for your yahoo post and voting. Could not find any of the two.

Vivek Nanda said...

@Prathima, thanks :)

@Asta, thank you so much..Sorry, I've corrected the link to my post..

@Swati, wonderful ...this post dedicated to all the women like you.

`·. ̧ ̧.· ́ ́ ̄`··.Giusy.·`·. ̧ ̧.· ́ ́ ̄`· said...

Bellissimo post su le donne...complimenti davvero!
Ti auguro di cuore una serena serata.

Vivek Nanda said...

@Giusy, Grazie mille, sono contento che ti sia piaciuto. Avere una buona serata, ciao!

SunnyToast said...

Great post...its nice to know that from a man points of view appreciate a woman. happy blogging:)

BlueRoses said...

Beautiful :)

Someone is Special said...

just so beautiful post here.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

Someone is Special

Vysh @The Colourful Eyes said...

.....And the super Woman we see is Our Mother..!
Super post! Indeed!!
Beauty is how we feel inside and it's Aura of beauty lies in every heart that feels..

Vivek Nanda said...

@SunnyToast, hey thanks a lot :)
Keep visiting again, cheers.

@BlueRoses..Thank you :)

@Someone is Special...Thanks, sure I'll...Good luck to you too..

@Vysh..Thanks mate..

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