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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What Is Most Important To You?

I realized today that the most important thing in our lives is not the money, the fame or the success, it's the "people" in our life. The pain of losing them, be it due to a death or due to a failed relationship makes us realize and look back at life with an all new perspective. A perspective that we never took when they were with us. Never before I knew that such things could bring even a mildest of positive effect on us, and today I got convinced that such is the case!

My MBA experience has taken me to a new country and I've met few of the most amazing people who are super confident and raring to take over the world with their business acumen. Yet, there is an amazing transformation that all of us are going through our experiences in such a diverse environment (We are 20 nationalities or so). You think you learn about business at the B-School?......Wrong, it's all about the "People"!!

If I have to sum up my last few days, I've witnessed the joy and zeal of learning from the children of the under served society of India, I've experienced the immense courage of those pure souls who believe in the sharing of not just their joys but also their sorrows and yet, with a smile on their face, they say- "thank you", I've realized why it is important to say what you feel about your loved ones, and for the first time in my life, I gathered the courage to thank my parents, which I always thought was the simplest thing ever, but could never do so. Yes, I never said this to them and it took me 29 years of my life to realize that I've to thank them for what I'm today is just because of them.

As I called my parents, my father picked the phone and strangely enough it was just so difficult to say directly to him that- Papa, I want to thank you. I first started with a usual talk, then while I was gathering the courage to say "Thank You" to him, my heart just poured with so much emotions, and finally, when I said- Papa, I want to thank you because I'm what I'm today, just because of you...that moment changed my entire life....I could feel his joy even before he uttered a word....and when I said- You both have gifted me my life, he said to me- why don't you say this to your mother by yourself. Of course, I wanted to say this even more to my mother...but wait.

My mother has always been a woman of less words, it's always her eyes that told you more than what she would say. She would find it extremely hard to express her deepest emotions in words, but she will do all the things, silently in her own lovingly way...which I never really understood, but the only thing I know is that I always found her on her family's side. When she found me sad, I found her cheering me up, when she found me in frustration, she calmed me down, when she found me in my struggles, she would secretly be praying and talking to God...for so many years I wished that my mother would express herself directly to me, but it never really happened...and now I understand her completely. Now here I'm gathering myself to say a simple thank you and don't know how to express myself..

She comes on the phone, I talk about usual things again and then I say to her- Mummy, I want to thank you because I'm what I'm today, just because of you....then my mom is my mom, she could not say anything, but "acha" and "theek hai" and just after a silence of split seconds she quickly hands over the phone back to my dad. I could already feel her tears, she couldn't stop them so she just moved away from the phone...

My dad was back on the phone, this time he could not resist his happiness and joy, but what did he say to me? Not about what he is feeling, but cheering me up and saying- I'm always there for you, just let me know if you need anything. I know you are doing the right things, but keep patience....I was again so moved. Parents' joy also comes out in the form of their unconditional support for their children...they could not stop themselves from helping you out..... 

I think, it's most difficult to say the obvious, but it's quite clear what is important to me. Have you felt the same? Have you said a "thank you" to your parents? I want to do it again, more often this time...They deserve it..

PS. It wasn't easy for me to be just write what I felt, but I think I wanted to share this with you...





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