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Saturday, February 15, 2014


It takes a moment that turns your whole world upside down. You are stuck, trying your best, but nothing seem to be working fine. It's that moment when walking on the empty road or being alone at the house gives that feeling of closed-in small spaces, claustrophobia! 

Emotions are hard to explain, because they are driven by judgements. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell if our judgements are right or wrong, but time will tell, for sure! In the end it's all in our mind, what we perceive, we start cocooning our self  under it, thinking that it will protect us...but our decision to cocoon and create a wall between what we perceive brings a shift in us, and this is when we start becoming self centered, do we?

I'm not a psychologist or a doctor, yet as a human being, I've experienced all sorts of emotional turbulence and sometime to steady yourself amidst the zillions of feelings can be really difficult. And at the same time, you will see others, turning into an unmovable rock who turn the direction of the wind head-on..nice, isn't it? But Is it really nice, when the wind you turned over is hitting someone else now? I don't have an answer, this is where our judgement comes into play, but I'm sure no one in the world will have an answer to it, after all we homo sapiens are one hell of suckers! If only there were a simple formula to crack the DNA codes to perfection!
Are you the victim of someone else's judgement? Well, I guess we all are...but the only difference is the extent of impact that we suffer. Sometimes minor, sometimes massive...or sometimes fatal!         


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