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Sunday, November 25, 2007

A POEM : -- Falling in love . . .

Falling in love . . .

Days came, days went..
I was always for myself, thinking just myself.
Carefree, like a butterfly..
I was jumping from one flower to next,
Whichever came next.

I and my cupidity of success..
Took me away, away from amigos
away from relations.
Yet like a triumphant soldier
I was going ahead, leaving all behind.

Narcissism was inculcating in me.
I was loving myself the most.
It was enigmatic, it was strange
But I knew it will pass,
Just like a phase in a life.

One day, I broached with a girl..
Almost like a star from one galaxy to the next,
it went so smoothly and all in a joy.
I thought it was just a moment of my life
And will soon ebb away.

Again, days came, days went..
I was eclectic, don’t know why??
The conundrum was ugly..
But yet engender the joy.
We were going along..
Just ordinarily . .
but the feeling went across extra-ordinarily.

Life inhaled a new life,
Surely, the Heart was in reckoning this time.
I was getting poised, behind her.
But just the sight of her put me in - - aphasia! !

I was shy and I thought, I came over it..
But seemed like the love caught up the real me.
Again shy, but arduously in love..
Wanted her but don’t know why??

Falling in love …
Is what I can sense it out..
But falling is what scares me, lord..
So please make us RISE in love.
Together, in happiness and grief.

- - Vivek Nanda


kunal said...

This is sheer class...

aman said...

bhai ye tune leekhi hai kya.....gajab...i mean 2 awesum to say anything...the very lingo speaks it all...brilliant work

maxrush said...
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maxrush said...

Yaar the last para... abt rising in love instead of falling in love... just too good...

Great work..

kenny said...

dude...simply superb.

gargi said...

amazing poem...
best of them all

yatin said...

bhai zabardast.....!!!!!
An awesum
nanda sahib...!!!

Shwet said...

Had I read this earlier, this would have been read out on 12th. I wish the Radhaswami and Nanda Devi life is a fairytale all the way. :)

mona said...

touching heart ....

Vivek Nanda said...

Thanks everyone :-)

Joya said...

To rise in love......that ´s what I want. How come I never thought of that ? Thanks a million Vivek.

Vivek Nanda said...

My pleasure Joya :)

Anonymous said...

Humm....very nice vivek..
well written
we all do feel this...
but most are not able to express
it so well
like u have
felt nice reading it??

Vivek Nanda said...

Thank you so much Kusum, one most important reason why I started writing was I wanted to share my thoughts with all the people across the globe and I m glad I did it because of that I m able to hear such a beautiful and unique views of people, who visit my blog.

Vibhuti B said...

HI Vivek..
U want my frank opinion on this?
It is truly unique style of writing a love poem!
Some Questions:
(just a personal opinion which you may not agree with)
Aren't the emotions lost between the BIG and HEAVY words...
The Prose with such words is fantastic but the flow of the love poem is somewhat slowed down at every big word like a speed breaker (Again that's for me!).

"Wanted her but don’t why??" there a word missing?

"I was getting poised, behind her." I feel you should re-frame the sentence. Poised? behind her?

Hope you didnt mind me voicing my opinion..
Overall..Good job!!!

Vibhuti B said...

aah And yes!!
The photo of the red luscious heart shining between the stones is picture perfect!
Great choice.

Vivek Nanda said...

Aaaha, finally I found a true friend(Vibhuti) all just read and you have read & understood :).
You are very right in saying that BIG and HEAVY words are like speed breakers, I wrote this one in 2007, the time when I was really into BIG WOrds but you might notice while you read through my blog from 2007 to 2010 words have become lighter, and the integrity, the flow and the expression become better but all these years you are probably the few who pointed out the same, I m glad did :).

Wanted her but don’t why??" there a word missing?..yes-- its "Wanted her but don't know why?"

Poised is debatable, when I wrote "Poised?" Vs "I was getting Poised", my main idea was the poem flow and to me it sounded more emphasizing the way I wrote :), just a thought but good suggestion.

See I told you, it would be interesting to know your views and I was very right:)

Thanks Vibhuti for your time and views.

Vibhuti B said...

vivek am so happy that you didnt take my criticism in the wrong sense..i noticed the date and im awed by the major transformation in writing have evolved!!!
I hope ill be able to sharpen my skills too with time!!
2 becm able enough to pen a good book some day, like you!
All the best friend..

Vivek Nanda said...

Hey Thanks again, I hope I soon hear from you regarding your book. All the very best!!

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