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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Just a few days ago, I saw a wonderful Bollywood movie called "3-Idiots". I must say- well made movies always convey a useful message to the mankind and "3-Idiots" was certainly one of them. The movie had lots of interesting things in it, which if noticed can make a lot of difference to the one's life.

Among all the very special things in the movie, there was one message, which I thought had a lot of impact on me. The message was- "We Should Make Ourselves To Be Capable Of Doing Things And The Success Will Follow". I think this is one of the most amazing things if followed.

How many times in Life we have come across this question that- "M I Capable of Doing This Thing?". The question can actually be answered by no one but self. Probably the most important thing to answer that question is to understand that- "Do We Really Want To Do That Thing? Well, the thing I m talking about could be anything like a job or like a study program or may be some hobby etc. but the core to all this is- "Do We Really Wanna Do it?". If we know that we really want to do it then here you are all set to do things in the best possible way but if we aren't sure and we still start doing it because my family is forcing me or my friends are doing it then probably we have just started to live life on others terms i.e. exactly where the downfall has begun.

The point is one can only become capable of doing a thing in the best possible way when one really wants to do it. There is no denying to the fact that if one is fully capable of doing a thing in the best possible way then Success will follow. So, to be Successful in life its really important to be capable of doing your thing in the best possible way and to do the thing in the best possible way its important to understand what we really want to do in life, what really interests us and what we want to be in life by doing any specific things.

On a philosophical note, I would want to conclude here by saying that- We Human-Beings are probably the biggest mystery to ourselves, we raise questions and problems for ourselves, and the truth is only we can answer and solve them i.e. why we are so unique species, a complete unique creation of God.


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