The Very Special People


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Every year there is a buzz,
There is a lot of happiness,
There is a joy as we approach the Christmas.
Christmas marks the presence of winter,
The festive season, the lights all around,
The gifts and the arrival of the next brand New Year!!

Yes, the New Year is coming.
The New Year comes with a fresh breadth,
The fresh cool breadth of winter!!
Every one has new plans,
Every one wants to end old problems,
And everyone wants to change for the best.

The resolutions are made,
The goals are set,
And the career paths are decided.
Such is the charisma of New Year,
Suddenly we all have a vision for ourselves.

The New Year has become a symbol of new life.
For few who are doing well in life, its about doing better
And for others who are not, its about making it better.
The New Year is like an opportunity to forget the past failures,
And work for the success in the future.

Isn't it amazing that every 366th day
We get a chance to re-evaluate ourselves,
We get a chance to lease a new life,
And we get a change to better the future.
Wow, it’s wonderful!!

Thank God, we have New Years,
A chance, an excuse or a new life,
Whatever it is,
But it’s no less than a blessing.
A blessing in disguise!!


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