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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Whenever we do anything,
Whenever we take any decision,
Whenever we try anything new,
We just have one thing with us-'Hope'

We faith in someone,
We believe in something,
We get strength in doing something,
All are paved into us with one thing-'Hope'

Success looks easy to achieve,
Problems look easy to solve,
Money looks easy to earn,
Life looks simple to live,
'Hope' is what makes us do all.

I wondered, Would there be anything without it?
Would there be any positive thoughts without it?
Would there be any patience without it?
Would there be any motivation without it?
Would there be anyone ever, who might ever overcome failure without it?
I m certain, it would not be possible without the 'HOPE'

HOPE is a special word,
Its only essence is positivity.
No one ever hopes for the bad.
HOPE is a feeling,
We feel it to fulfill what we want.
HOPE is a Positive Belief.
So, lets Hope for the best together!!


Anonymous said...

hi..the poem abt hope is really very and conveys the real meaning of hope.good work

Vivek Nanda said...

Thanks friend, I m glad you liked it.

MayuR ! ... said...

ya boss good job.. i like realy nice one

Vivek Nanda said...

Thank You Mayur, it feels nice to hear that you liked it. Keep visiting!!

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