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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It's really important to understand and be really clear about your goal of doing the exercises first, one should be absolutely crystal clear about what he or she is trying to achieve by doing all the physical activities? Once, you know exactly in which direction you want to transform you body then you have to plan for your fitness schedule. Regularity is the most important thing in attaining your fitness goals but at the same time it is the most difficult thing to persist with. One should just not feel motivated about his or her workout once in a week but it has to happen everyday, only then you can be committed to what you want to achieve. The basic fundamental of fitness is not just working out rigorously everyday but also give your body the complete rest to flourish. Body certainly gets tired and then there are injuries that are caused by over-worked muscles or strains, so its necessary not only to plan your work out days but also the rest days. Most people just plan their workouts and beyond that they don't care, but the ground reality is that that workout is just a part of your whole day and your body is still functioning outside the gymnazium. Hence, think the big picture not just that one or one and a half hour.    

It's really important to understand your body type, if its a little higher on fat kind of body type then the work-out should be comparatively with moderate weights and large number of repetitive sets in contrast to the work out with heavy weights and lesser repetitions, suiting the lean or slim body types.   Body posture while doing any exercise is as critical as any other factor. It becomes all the very more important thing because its your body and you cannot just play with it, there has to be specific body positions and postures while performing any exercise, and its utmost important to maintain proper postures while working out. Once you get into a mode of maintaining the correct body posture, your body becomes more balanced, and this is the stage when you can start experimenting with your workouts. May be you can increase the weights or may be you can increase the repetitions, you can try n number of things you want to try.  

Breathing is another important aspect of workout, its really important to understand when to inhale and when to exhale while you are in full swing of your workout. It also helps a lot to keep the body to normal level by maintaining proper heart rate and the body doesn't get tired soon. It increases the overall body endurance and stamina. Another, important thing is- the intervals. You have to be really smart in taking your breaks between the exercises. The breaks are really important thing- one should not stretch to workout continuously so that he becomes unconscious while doing exercises also one should not take so much breaks that its more rest than exercise. Drinking appropriate quantity of water during the workout is one really important thing. You have to sip through very minimal amount of water while working out, it couldn't be liters of water else it will all come out. Also, one should not die because of dehydration while doing exercises. These are few of the most basic workout practices one should follow during workout but at the same time these are the most important ones too. So, try these things and soon implement them in your fitness schedule. Com'on Go For It and see the results!!  I believe fitness is really important and one should believe in the fact that "Fitness Is For All, Fitness Is For Mankind".


Vibhuti B said...

Ive always been amazed by the variety in your posts..This time you chose to write on fitness right when I was thinking of setting up a regime for myself..Once again..thanks for helping me decide!

Vivek Nanda said...

Oh thanks :),hey thats great if this post came to you of some use.

Amit said...

my waist is inflating more than indian inflation. Thanks from my side too

Vivek Nanda said...

You are Welcome bro, Go for it before its too late!!

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