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Friday, March 26, 2010


Anyone who heard the word GREEN will only imagine the color green as first thing or may be visualize the green plants and trees, and believe me I was no different when I heard it for the first time. In fact, it turned out to be very hilarious when I witnessed an event organized in the suburb to support the Green Society, and all the participants made a point to wear a complete green colored clothes-line during the event. Yes, people literally turned to green for this big event, but the event was nothing more than a gimmick by a local NGO and it just turned out to be an enjoyable tea party for all the participants. Ironically, everything was discussed among the participants except the real word called- ‘Green’, and to make things even worst there were plastics spread all over the party area in the forms of plastic glasses and plastic plates. Plastic, which is a non-biodegradable product, made all the things look even less green. No body even once talked about the renewable sources of energy or how to convert waste to energy, disheartening but it is only the reality.

Green is not just a word but there is a complete ideology behind it. Green has been traditionally used to symbolize ‘Nature’, it has become a symbol of environmentalism. Something that is related to the preservation of nature or environment is considered as Green and pretty much a proponent of the so called Green Revolution. Then, there are Green jobs associated to the word Green, these are normally called the Green Collared jobs by the UN environment program. Work in agriculture, manufacturing, R&D, administrative, and all other activities that contribute to preserving and restoring the environment quality are considered Green a.k.a. Green Jobs. These green jobs have given birth to a large number of alternate energy resources that not only have produced various renewable energy sources but also a large number of opportunity fuels. All the green work has been so phenomenon that there is a huge amount of waste to energy conversion daily in the world now.

Like all the various other sectors, the green industry is a special need to focus on. The market for green industry is so huge that there are tones and millions of ideas that are needed to be implemented to really transform the human life from non-renewable energy sources to renewable energy sources. Unfortunately, there has been a myth associated with this sector and not many people want to build their business in it. Similar lack-luster has been the focus of consumers of such services, but taking this initiative to an all new level are companies like N-Viro International Corporation. N-Viro develops and licenses its technology to municipalities and private companies, and there was no surprise when Robertson Stephens, Raymond James, Oppenheimer & Co., and Paine Webber had reported that N-Viro made sales in excess of $40 millions since its initial public offering in Oct of 1993. The company came up with its new innovative patented ideas and mastered the evolution of alternate energy sources and the renewable energy sources with the help of clean coal and opportunity fuels. Indeed, the people around the world need such services.

There is a big demand of low-pollution fuels that can replace ordinary gasoline. These are alternate energy fuels, including gasoline, natural gas and LPG. Biofuels are becoming essential as they are renewable and they are driven by the factors such as oil prices spikes and the need for increased energy security. Waste-to-energy or energy-from-waste is the process of creating energy in the form of electricity or heat from the incineration of waste source, its high time when the world start thinking very seriously about such methodologies. With the increasing demand and high consumption the day is not that far when there will be scarcity of all the sources of energy and then it will be too late to look for alternate energy source or renewable sources of energy, there will be hardly any opportunity fuels and people will starve or fight for the limited resources whatever may be available. It’s better to turn green sooner than later. Let us think of conserving whatever energy sources we have and do it soon!!


Vibhuti B said...

Hey Vivek,
this is THE subject to write about man!
Kudos to you...
Thanks for picking up great yopics one after another...
This time I have something to contribute too..
Am proud to tell you that I'm the director of a company that is a pioneer in triggering the GREEN wave in India..And hopes to make a successful impression on the market ASAP...
We are asking people to THINK GREEN..
and switch over to LED lights..
please check out

Vivek Nanda said...

Hey thanks :)
My God 'The Director of a Company'..Wow.. Kudos to you..You never told me. I m glad to hear about the work you are doing, of course I m going to check out that link. Hey, use me for GREEN revolution if you ever need me, at your service.
Thanks for visiting.

Vivek Nanda said...


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