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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Pretty much all of us in our lives one day or the other face a situation where we want to do something, which we really want to do and we know it will make a big difference to our lives, but we are strangled into the unforeseen circumstances that stops us from doing it. This is the time where you ask the question- Why me? As a human being we are only aware of what happen to us, we hardly actually know what others are going through, we only see the golden picture around us and we continuously keep on cursing ourselves- Why I don't have that thing in my life?

It's a difficult question to answer why others are living a better life and I m sure you cannot be in a position always to understand everything about the others. Also, its almost impossible to answer- Why you? But what is easier to answer is- how you can transform to what you really want to do despite the hurdles and the unfavorable circumstances. 

At first, the only thought you will have in your mind will be- the escape. Yes, you will feel that you want to escape from the unforeseen circumstances, if you are able to do so then probably thats a good thing to get back to what you want to do, but if you are not then you have to go through it unwillingly. Doing something unwillingly hardly helps, but of course if you are doing it then certainly there is a strong reason behind it for e.g. it could be your job, after all your job is your bread and butter, and you cannot just call it quits and start doing other things. These are the real testing times when you are doing something unwillingly again and again, and every time there will be this question popping out in your mind- When will it get over? You cannot be certain of when it will get over, life is not simple et all but what you can be certain of is how along with this unforeseen circumstances you can make a way for what you really want to do. "Yes, tough, isn't it? But not impossible", this is what you have to say to yourself. Just try to visualize or get in connection to something that makes you realize the importance of that thing again. At that very moment, your heart should feel the importance of what you want, its the perfect catalyst to bring you back to what you probably would have been doing if there wasn't any unforeseen situation. You won't even start doing that thing the very next day initially despite the motivational volcano of thoughts but don't just let it go, stay there, stay connected to what you want and I m sure, you will do it. 

I must say that the situation might not even permit you to still do it, but do not just stop it and throw it away, instead keep pushing it, keep trying, may be in bits and pieces. This process never puts you out of that most important thing, but you will be there always trying to do it again and again, and finally you will notice that you have overcome the tornado and doing exactly what you want. I would want to say just one simple thing in the end that- "Do Not Fear Going Forward Slowly; Fear Only To Stand Still". 


Anonymous said...

The essential thing is to make it move constantly, even if it only moves a bit, but don't let it come to a complete halt, thinking you'll only do it when you can do it once and for all. Select a limited number of key projects you want to accomplish, and make sure that every week, or even every day, each one of these key projects is advanced, at least a little bit. Make sure none of them is in a complete freeze, unless if it was absolutely impossible to do anything about it. This way you keep moving ahead.

Vivek Nanda said...

Yes sir i.e. exactly what I feel. I guess its the best way to keep moving ahead- Slow and steady wins the race!!

Anonymous said...

Oh sometimes the fast and furious wins the race, but the one who certainly won't win is the one who stops altogether and just waits for the day when he intends to do all of it at once.

Vivek Nanda said...

:) I would completely agree with you on this as are a genius

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